Never Change Yourself For A Woman

Hey, I hope everyone has been doing well. I have, and let me just tell you that there are some talentless but fire girls on #tiktok . Anyways, this blog is as a result of me not being able to study, because I am drained.

This blog as you may have guessed, is aimed at guys, and what makes this blog so special ? Well it’s a blog about guys written by a guy, which is mind blowing considering it’s usually female writers that describe to us how the minds of men work. Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

Have you ever really liked a girl and thought, “Wow, if I develop or acquire some of the same tastes as her, she may like me?”. Or perhaps you may have thought, “If I mould myself to become the man that she fantasizes about, will I get with her?”. Well I have bad news, the answer is no. And you may be choking on that green tea that you’re forcing yourself to drink because your crush drinks it, but bear with me for a few minutes.

A real life example was demonstrated to me over the last 2 years. There was a girl at campus and she was about 23. She was smart, pretty, a firm head on her shoulders and she was the right kind of weird that made her seem cute. Obviously this means that was very appealing to a lot of guys but it get’s more interesting. This girl was a hardcore feminist, and when I say feminist, I really mean to say misogynist. She hated most kinds of guys, and up to this day, I’m not really sure why.

This girl, hated most kinds of guys, which obviously meant that her boyfriend had to be sweet, correct ? Well you couldn’t be more correct if that’s what you thought. You’re even more correct if you guessed that he was the vomit type of sweet. What I’m trying to say in no uncertain sugarcoated terms was that her boy friend was a douche. He stalked her, emotionally abused her, controlled her and overall made her life shit. However, after about more than a year, she ended this relationship.

Buuuuuut, it doesn’t end there. This girl than proceeded to date another guy. And this guy wasn’t exactly a douche, but he is the kinda guy who would initiate a one night stand, try to invoke some kind of depth from it, play the victim all whilst portraying a cool suave guy. Did I say he wasn’t a douche, of course, because I meant to say douchebag. They fight about the stupidest things, and honestly I stopped paying attention months ago.

The point I’m making here is that this was a girl who lived her life by certain beliefs but her dating life was definitely contradictory. My point isn’t about being a bad boy to get girls or that nice guys finish last. Rather it’s that you should never change who you are for the sake of someone else…(Unless it’s for a much needed self growth or development that is healthy for you). Changing who you are or your beliefs for a random girl works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. However, what it doesn’t change is the emptiness that will grow in you as time passes by.

To date a model, you don’t have to be a body builder, to date a gamer girl, you don’t have to play #fortnite or #minecraft to get them. Yes, sharing a person’s interests does earn you points and even taking an active interest in their likes is alright. But there’s a line that you have to draw. There’s not guarantee that forcing yourself to be a good Samaritan will score you a relationship with pageant who’s currently feeding the homeless. Instead taking an interest in what she does and perhaps helping out now and again is a more acceptable and less creepy way of taking  a step towards her.

I’m not saying never to compromise or to ignore the likes and dislikes of a girl that you like. Instead, I’m saying know where to draw the line with sharing her tastes and owning her tastes, there’s a big difference, remember that.

I enjoy asking people questions and subtly prompting them to answer while giving in to their inner most feelings and desires (it’s a lot easier than you think). A guy at work is 31 and he’s probably one of the most sweetest (Sounds weird as a guy to say that, but you have to meet him) individuals ever. He’s also one of those guys that is 31 but looks 21. And this guy has been through some dark shit. Fights, underground rap battles, gangs, and a lot of other stuff that I’m sure I haven’t heard yet. And yet you would never know this unless he told you this himself.

Why am I telling you all this ? Because this is the stuff that he could use to get girls easily. This is the kind of “depth” that fu## boi’s try to exude when picking up chicks. And yet all this individual does is display gentlemen qualities combined with a polite sense of mild mannerism. He’s been single for a few years and I asked him why didn’t he use his past or street cred to get a girl? And he replied that’s not the right way. He wants someone to like him for him and not someone that he’s not. And this reply quite honestly stunned me and  impressed me at the same time.

So please for all you guys out there currently throwing yourself into some pit of desperation trying to change yourself to better “suit” a girl, think twice, because it’s costing you another day in paradise.


Jai Sri Krishna

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