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“Happy endings have always seemed like the moon at night. It’s actually much further away than it actually is.”

Hey guys it’s Aavi again. I’m trying to upload whenever I can, just to maintain some sort of frequency. I think my subsequent posts to come are going to be more vague and much shorter. And that’s because I want to try my hand at something else. But I also don’t want to quit blogging.

So today, I’ve decided to review the Equal album (=) that was released by Ed Sheeran. I’ll look at each song, detail it’s meaning feel and what I think of the song itself. This is my first time doing a music review, so please, as Adele says (who also just released an album), Go Easy On Me.



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The Overall Album

The actual number of songs within the album varies depending on which variation of the = album it is that you purchase, but I think it ranges between 14 and 18. The majority of the album has the pop rock feel as do most of Ed’s songs traditionally do. There are also ballads listed within the album and one or two rap like songs. Overall, most of the album has an upbeat feel, with songs speaking about/to his wife and daughter. There is also messages of loss and past lovers. So let’s get into it.


In the verses of Tides, Ed speaks about what/how his life has been up until the birth of his daughter (now) as well as how he has felt thus far. Ed speaks about chasing his dream, and losing confidence along the way, and having to lean on his wife for support at times. Ed also speaks about people dependent on him and fantasizes about being free of this responsibility. I imagine the “dependent people” refers to friends and acquaintances (potentially problematic) rather than his family in that instance.

The chorus and main hooks of the song are simple and brief. They speak about Ed holding his daughter and how time seems to stand still at that moment. Ed also acknowledges how having a daughter is going to change the way his life progresses and develops from here. Ed makes a comparison to life changes to tidal patterns.

This was a song that seemed to play on the title itself. During the verses, the delivery of each line feels a wave approaching the shore and then breaking. So, line after line is like wave after wave. The verses of this song are basically the high tides. When Ed sings the chorus and main hooks, the song becomes quiet and calm, almost like a still ocean. This represents low tides. The changing between high and low tides is created in this way within the song. It really is genius when you stop and think about it…(Low tide lol).


In this song, Ed Sheeran is basically talking about his affection and addiction towards his partner. Ed talks about how he’s never experienced a romance like this in a tangible and figurative way. Ed also mentions spending activities and time spent with his partner as being leisurely. This is a relatively simple song. It’s an upbeat pop tune that’s more or less linear. Towards the end of the song is an acapella-like part after which the beat drops/returns.

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First Time

In the first verse of this song, Ed Sheeren speaks weighs out his personal life and career. Ed clearly states that more of his happiness is gained from the time spent with his partner rather than from his career. Ed talks about finally achieving what he set out to achieve (sold-out stadiums), and yet spending time with his partner (beers and private time) feels much more rewarding and meaningful.

The second verse of the song is much shorter than the first verse. It basically details Ed’s wife’s response to his proposal (She thought Ed was joking). Ed on the other hand was more nervous rather than amused.

The pre-chorus of the song basically talks about the simplest things being the best aspects of life. It’s very similar to the first verse of the song. The chorus of the song speaks about first time romantic experiences that Ed shared with his wife, like a first kiss for example.

The style of the song is not unusual for Ed. It’s a slow and deep song. Ed’s voice during this song changes a few times. In fact, there are quite a few times where Ed sounds like Adele. The song itself is very much alike to Adele’s style.

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Bad Habits

Both the verses and chorus lines of the song speak about the same concept. This concept can be interpreted in 2 ways. The first (probably the less known) meaning is Ed being unable to resist his partner. The second (and probably the true meaning) is Ed referring to battling his vices (such as addiction). In a way Ed is dedicating this song to his child, and that prior to her, he was not able to give up his vices. “Yeah, I was lookin’ for a way out, now I can’t escape” is probably referring to Ed’s daughter being his motivation to give up his vices with no other choice.

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Overpass Grafitti

The verses of the song speak about Ed’s inability to get over a past lover/partner. Ed regrets breaking up with this past lover and speaks about not wanting to move on. The verses of the song go on further to say that Ed will always remember his time together with this ex-lover. And that even if she forgets or doesn’t feel the same way about their relationship, Ed will never forget the happy times spent with this ex-partner. Ed even references specific events in the second verse, perhaps to let this ex-lover know.

In the main chorus of the song, Ed states that he will always remember his past lover and previous relationship. Ed makes a comparison of his everlasting love/feelings to graffiti. In this chorus, Ed makes it seem like this lover was his first true heartbreak and a person who truly taught him what true love and loss were.

This type of song about past lovers and heartbreak is not new to Ed Sheeran. In fact, it has been a staple of Ed’s style. Personally, this song strikes me as odd in comparison to the rest of the album. This is because the majority of the songs within the album speak about Ed’s successful marriage with his partner that he loved as well as his daughter. Still, it’s a good catchy pop song.

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The Joker and The Queen

In the verses of this song, Ed speaks about his wife loving him despite his flaws. Ed speaks about how he has demonstrated that he is not worthy of his wife, yet she still chose him. In both the first and second verse Ed also mentions that he ended up with his wife despite the path (their courtship) being difficult and uncertain at times. In the main chorus of the song, Ed drives home this point even further. Ed states that his wife could have had any man (or king as he says in the lyrics) and any diamond ring, but she still chose him (Ed).

This is a very slow soft ballad that really hits hard. It’s simple and pure and makes the song powerful in it’s own way. It’s almost as if Ed is speaking to his wife directly in this song, except it feels too melodious to be a speech. The song washes over you and it’s almost like you’re soaking up it’s ambiance and atmosphere. (Kind of like plants and Carbon dioxide)

Leave Your Life

In the first 2 verses of the song (basically the only 2 non-chorus verses), Ed speaks about being physically apart from his daughter but he always having her in his heart. Ed talks about using his daughter as being an important consideration when making decisions. Ed also mentions how misses his daughter whenever he has to travel. In the main chorus of the song, Ed drives home this point even further. Ed states that even when he passes onto the afterlife, he will live on in her heart.

This song was inspired by a friend of Ed’s. This friend had passed away leaving behind a daughter. The daughter said that her dad would always ended conversations with love. Ed wrote this song as an eternal sorts of last words.


The verses of the song basically list all the wonderful times spent and the memories made between Ed and his wife. There are also some sad moments listed within the song. TIn essence of the song lists the intimate times shared between Ed and his wife. The main chorus of the song is really simple and repetitive. The song itself is very upbeat and pop. It was one of my personal favourite song.

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2 step

The first verse of this song speaks about Ed being swallowed up by life and its woes. Ed speaks about how his wife is aware of this when he tried to hide it and is able to pull him out of the depths of his depression. In the second verse, Ed talks about getting caught up in life. Ed talks about his own personal time being diminished due to entertaining other people and commitments to people. Ed talks about the fantasy of just ignoring the people around them and getting lost in their own shared fantasy world.

In the main chorus, Ed talks about 2 stepping with his wife and getting lost in her eye. Basically spending quality time with his wife is important to Ed. In the fourth verse of the song, Ed speaks about his wife being the only one he has even when has nothing at all.

Despite the funky pop groove that this song has, it actually has a meaning more significance than just Ed loving spending time with his wife or getting caught up with life. Ed also mentions a loss of confidence in this and his wife accepting despite him not feeling good enough at times.

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Stop the rain

The first verse of the song uses a variety of analogies. These analogies are all used to describe problems. Ed says that there are always problems. In the next 2 lines, Ed says to never let those who make you cry aware of this. He also says to get back up and try again

In the third verse, I think Ed is referring to methods with dealing with problems. He suggested being proactive or pretending that they only exist in your mind. Ed also hints that people are to blame for their own problems.

In the next verse, Ed talks about problems being experienced within a relationship. Ed talks about the battle between choosing to be right or choosing to be kind. And that choosing to be right all the time can result in a life of loneliness.

In the last verse, Ed speaks about not taking too long to get wise, that life is too short and that we as people need to learn to deal with our problems in a better way. Ed mentioned that despite problems always being consistent, he will always have his partner.

While the meaning of the song is subjective and deep, the song itself is simple. It’s a bouncy catchy pop tune that breaks every now and then. Ed’s voice is more powerful and distinctive in this song

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Love In Slow Motion

The first verse of the song states that Ed is caught up in life sometimes and doesn’t spend enough quality time with his wife. Ed is regretful over this. In the subsequent pre chorus, Ed speaks about spending more time with his wife. The chorus of the song echoes the pre-chorus lyrics. In the second verse, Ed speaks about always committing to people without always prioritizing him and his wife. Ed’s wife gets depressed because of this but rolls with it. Ed realized that he needed to prioritize.

The feel and listen of the song is typical of an Ed sheeran song. In fact it’s very similar to the song “give me love”.

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Visiting hours

The first verse of the song talks about Ed wishing that his daughter could visit his grandmother in Heaven (because she’s passed on). The second verse talks about Ed wanting to spend time with someone dear that has passed on. This could be his grandmother or friend. The third verse of the song is Ed praying that he could raise his daughter the way his grandmother would. The fourth verse is Ed asking his grandmother how to deal with his problems/anxiety. Ed is also scared about turning into a failure. In the fifth verse, Ed wishes he could bring his grandmother back with him from Heaven. However, Ed acknowledges that his grandmother is better of in Heaven. Ed reluctantly decides to do things without his grandmother but will employ her teachings. Ed talks about leaving his grandmother within his memories and to open his heart to the world. Ed will live as per his grandmother’s teachings and everyone shall come to know her goodness.

The song is slow and peaceful and is different from the upbeat funky pop songs that Ed did on the rest of his album. It’s tempo and atmosphere matches the message of the song. Additionally, Ed was inspired to create this song based on his friend that passed away.

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The first verse of the song talks about Ed loving his daughter even before she was born and even more after she was born. Ed promises that loving his daughter will always be easy but life always won’t. In the chorus that follows, Ed tells his daughter that she’ll be safe when she’s asleep (hanging out with the sandman). In the second verse, Ed describes his daughter’s dreams as being filled with a child’s fantasy (ice-cream and rainbows). The rest of the song is the pre-chorus and the chorus.

True to the title of the song, this song is done in the style of a lullaby. This was done for his daughter.

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Be right now

The first verse of the song talks about life being short and perhaps not even worth it, however it’s all Ed’s got. In the main verse, Ed speaks about not wanting to miss out on life. At the same time Ed is willing to miss out on life but not on time spent with his wife. In the second verse, it seems that Ed is using an analogy to describe how life is constantly changing and how our perspectives change with it. The song basically ends with the main verse repeated.

The song itself has a very subtle progressive beat. Ed’s voice also has a very soft melodious sound. The reverbs added flow and blend nicely into the song. In an eerie but wonderful way, the song kind of draws you in.

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So, that’s my review that took me about 3 weeks to write. I may edit this further, to focus more on the sound of each song. But for now, Ciau!

Jai Sri Krishna



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