Sometimes Vegan Just Requires A Little More Flavour

Aavi unwrapped his order from Burger King. He had been disappointed by Burger King before, and that was back when he ate meat. Now more than 10 years later, Aavi braved the Uber Eats App, and ordered a Vegan Royale meal. With the “anime mc has returned older and more powerful” fever, Aavi dug into his meal…

Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Aavi here. It sure has been a while since I’ve blogged, my apologies for this. It’s been a while since I’ve had any plant-based tasty food. Today, I took a shot at the Vegan Royale sold by Burger King and I’ve scribbled my thoughts below.


I have no dealings with Burger King, so I was not influenced by anything while writing this, nor would this blog influence anything Burger King-related (yeah right, like it even could).

Are We Human Or Are We Dancers? (What Is The Vegan Royale)?

Plant-based meats are products designed to imitate meat (also referred to as meat analogues). Plant-based meats are trying to mimic the taste, texture, smell, and appearance of meat.

The Vegan Royale is comprised of a plant-based chicken patty (not actual chicken) and whole gherkins/pickles that are slathered with mayonnaise (vegan I think). This is all sandwiched in between slice bread rolls. Hence, the Vegan Royale is more like a Subway Sandwich rather than a burger. Unlike a Subway Sandwich, this is a whole patty instead of pieces of sliced patty.

If All The Rain Drops Were Candy Gum(Sensory Properties)

Sensory attributes, such as appearance, odor, flavor, taste, and texture of foods detectable by human senses, are often used to evaluate food. They can be used as measures of quality and of the desirability of food.

I thought I’d start off with this since sensory properties are probably the most important factor aside from cost.

The plant-based chicken patty looked almost exactly like an actual chicken patty (like how Jaime Pressly and Margot Robbie look alike). The plant-based chicken patty had that distinct orangish-brown crumbed look.

I was a bit undecided in terms of the appearance (kind of like how I wasn’t sure about my career choices on that CAO form).

Had I looked at the Vegan Royale without any knowledge (like I do with most things in my life), I would have assumed it was a regular chicken Subway-styled sandwich. This would have meant that the plant-based chicken patty was similar enough in appearance to actual meat. It would be difficult to spot any differences between the 2 at least appearance-wise.

From the perspective that a plant-based chicken patty had been made to successfully resemble an actual chicken patty would ideally be impressive. However, from the perspective of it being a general sandwich, the Vegan Royale looked terribly bland. There was nothing that really jumped out at me (like the animatronics from fnaf).

In terms of aroma, I didn’t really get anything from it and I honestly wasn’t surprised (in the way a husband isn’t surprised after 20 years of marriage). The lack of flavourful aromatic components, the lack of sauce, and the lack of free alternative condiments led to no failed expectations (religion speaks about being expectation free…and marriage demonstrates freedom from expectation).

Texture and Flavour are the most important sensory attributes when it comes to plant-based meat offerings (in my barely literate opinion).

In terms of the texture and mouthfeel of the Vegan Royale plant-based patty, this was the most impressive aspect for me. The Vegan Royale plant-based chicken patty had very little difference from an actual chicken patty, but the differences weren’t significant at all and could be overlooked (the way my crush obliviously overlooks my feelings).

The Vegan Royale plant-based chicken patty had a soft interior that was the right amount chewable. The exterior crumbing was not messy which was pleasant. Additionally, the pickles/gherkins (which may have been drained of it’s vinegar/pickle solution) did not interfere with the texture of the patty, like making it soggy for example (like stepping in a puddle with socks on). It must be noted that the components did not improve the texture either.

Taste is where the Vegan Royale patty fell off (kinda like Usher and Ludacris have, remember that joke about Ludacris being a personification of a person going out of business). Let me explain why below.

Sandwiches are tasty based on all the fillings within the bread as well as how well these component flavours go together. The Vegan Royale isn’t an ordinary sandwich as it shares a key similarity to a burger.

The key similarity being that a burger has a patty that serves as the main component. The other present components serve to introduce new flavours and/or enhance the existing flavour of the patty.

The Vegan Royale flopped in this aspect big time. The Vegan Royale patty itself lacked a distinct chicken flavour and was more flavourless than anything. The other components themselves (mayo and pickle/gherkins) didn’t offer anything flavourful.

Overall, the flavour could have been better but I’ll touch on that in the cost/pricing paragraphs.

How Much Did It Cost, Was It Worth It? (Costing/Pricing To Quantity Ratio)

So, let’s start of with the basic pricing. R78,00 for a Subway-styled sandwich, chips and a large cold drink isn’t too bad of a deal (not as good as that Pizza Hut 2 large pizzas + a 1,5 L cold drink for R120 or R100).

There are also options that allow you to increase the size of your sandwich (about R14 extra), as well as the inclusion of additional components such as more fillings and sauces (R5 and upwards for each component more or less).

The initial price of R78,00 for a sandwich was already a little steep but it was to be expected due to it being plant-based. I opted to pay the additional fee for a larger Vegan Royale and this brought my total up to a R100,00 basically with the Uber delivery fees.

Let me just say, it was pathetically small and it wasn’t even me who pointed it out (it was my pretty colleague). So yeah, internally I was a bit embarrassed because I knew I opted for a large at the expense of a higher cost.

I wasn’t willing to pay for extra components, and even after eating the bland sandwich, let me explain why.

The existing components within the Vegan Royale sandwich should at least improve the flavour (or even just provide) to some degree at least. Flavour is the most basic (and probably most important) aspect of food. Therefore, surely some presence of flavour should be a default requirement for the Vegan Royale, right? (This Vegan Royale was basically flavour load-shedding).

On the issue of selling additional components and condiments, I’m not against it. In fact, Panarotti’s who offer plant-based toppings alternatives also do offer add-ons for additional prices. However!!! The existing components of the pizza that you order still deliver quite the flavour punch, even without the add-ons.

What I’m trying to say is that the choice of the standard components that require no additional cost should provide some flavour at least. Additional add-on’s that you are required to pay for should serve to improve the flavour rather than monopolize the flavour (be the sole provider basically).

Can It Be Home Time Already (Overall Conclusion)

So in conclusion, I think the Vegan Royale has the potential to be an amazing meal. It’s already got the plant-based patty down, I just think that it needs more cost-effective ways of introducing flavours. But I’m tired and as you’ve probably guessed, my humour in in this blog has been more miss than hit.

Take care all of you, spread some love and may God bless you all.

Jai Sri Krishna

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