I Was Murdered (Figuratively)

Now I’m no stranger to sarcasm, wit and humour and I do enjoy good banter. I would go as far as to say I don’t mind jokes made about me. Just as long as all this fun is done in good faith. Additionally, I hate confrontations and am a rather amicable person. I would rather nod my head in agreement rather than point out why someone is wrong.

Now you might be wondering why is it that I sound like I am writing out a defence or victim statement. Well, it’s because last night I was murdered and I mean that figuratively. The murder weapon in question being, words. The location and time of the murder were last Friday night on WhatsApp.

I have an acquaintance on WhatsApp, let’s call them Sam. Sam is someone who I’ve spoken to on and off over the course of the last 5 years. They’re not someone that I’m incredibly close to yet they’re not someone who’s a complete stranger. The best way to describe Sam’s relationship to me is that person who you’re mutuals with on all forms of social media, but you never really hang out with them and just choose to converse with each other from time to time.

Last night Sam uploaded the picture above as their Whatsapp status. So I thought it was funny and decided to reply. Up until this point, there were no issues or malice between Sam and me, so I have no clue as to what prompted Sam’s response. I also don’t think I said/did anything wrong or took things too far. That’s just me, maybe I’m biased. I’m going to post Sam’s reply below, comment on your take on the matter because I’m still trying to understand it. I don’t hate Sam, it’s just that I’m still reeling in a bit of shock the next day and if I was in the wrong, I would be grateful for some constructive feedback.

Anyway that’s me for today, I’m currently working on an actual blog, but ciau for now.

Jai Sri Krishna

Guiding Light: Demystifying Lord Krishna

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