Day 1 – 2 in India

Hi guys, what’s up. It’s been forever I know, and let me apologize for that. With studies,work, Legend of Zelda Botw and Ashram there was literally no time to blog.

But now sitting in the Hare Krishna Temple HQ in Lucknow after a day’s tour, I have made time.

So, day 1 and 2 were basically just a lot of traveling. We flew from Durban to Johannesburg at like 8am. When we waiting in the boarding line, we stood in business class even though we were economy. The flight attendent politely asked if we were in the right line, it was quite hilarious.


We had to wait for 5 hours and then flew to Seychelles, that was a good 4 hour flight. After an hour of waiting, we then flew to Mumbai. This was another 4 hour flight. I remember falling asleep on this flight and only waking up upon descent into Mumbai.

Let me just say, that you need to be a seasoned traveler to travel to Mumbai and India as a whole. We got to Mumbai Airport to the immigration check in and stood in the wrong line for over 45 min. And when I say “we” I mean the entire flight.

We then waited in a 2nd line for another 45 minutes and not because the line was long or that there were a shortage of attendents. Rather its because the clerk attendents randomly woke up and started taking literal 5 minute strolls around the airport. And this was a frequent thing that only happened with the foreign immigration admin clerks, not for the returning locals.

But the drama did not stop there, no! After the airport in Mumbai delayed us, we found out that the terminal for our departing flight in less than 2 hours was at a terminal at another location. Apparently, the same airport was divided into different locations and this wasn’t explained prior.

So now, my family and I are basically arguing with taxi drivers trying to negotiate past their over priced rates that don’t match what they advertised. At the same time we’re basically fighting for time. After finally managing to get a taxi and personally loading the luggage myself because the taxi driver “suddenly” couldn’t carry luggage.

When we finally made it to the terminal we had like 45 minutes left. We were about to load luggage and then we found out that the airport had broken our locks. So now we moved out of the line and are looking like crazy people in the middle of the airport with open luggage trying to make sure everything was accounted for and to shrink wrap.

I think we all needed to use the toilet, but we gave up that privelage, to make it to the flight on time. After an unnecessary long search and pat down, we made it to the plane, with only 5 minutes for departure.

We then landed in Lucknow and took a 4 hour drive to Mayipur. We’re staying at the ISKON temple for a while and we did a lot of things today, but that’s for another blog post.

I’ll try and keep you posted, however I’m not sure about the wifi situation.

Hope everyone is doing well and going to have an awesome holiday.


Hare Krishna 🙏



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