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Aavi was just finishing up watching “The Outsiders”, with the final scene mentioning a wonderful red sunset that really did look quite amazing. With tears in his eyes, Aavi took in the last moments of the film, the nostalgic country music, the shallow rich girl, the bond between brothers and a sad final farewell to friends. The final part of the movie featured a poem about the change in season and a red sunset….

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What’s up my young Uchiha’s, it’s Aavi back again here with another inspirational blog. I know the intro did seem a bit weird and out of place, and that’s because I wrote it on impulse after watching the movie “The Outsiders”, a brilliant movie with extremely brilliant actors (most of them unknown… except Tom Cruise was in it and I didn’t realize until the credits scene, but this was before he was famous). I initially wanted to describe the scene of myself when I go to a place to escape my migraines, but I’ll talk about that more in detail later.

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Also one more thing before I go on. I want to say thank you to all my new followers and welcome them officially to this blog, I really am grateful for the support and if you have content you want me to check out, you can always message me, email me or hit me up in the comments. To my existing followers, thank you for sticking with me despite my mediocre writing skills. And finally to all those who reached out to me about my last blog, both on and of WordPress, I want to say thank you, but also not to stress too much about it. I’m able to strike a smile and see the lighter side of all those memories. Now, back to the topic at hand.

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Image result for laughing anime memes

How many of you have a place that you can go to, when things are messed up, whether in your head or in a certain point in your life? Perhaps a place where you can escape the drama or the thoughts that you plague you continuously? This “place” that I’m referring to you isn’t a physical one because you won’t always be able that kind of place. It may be too far, or you can’t visit there in the dead of the night or you can’t reach there immediately in order to seek relief. It is good to have actual places like that just in case to keep safe from physical harm, but I’m referring to another kind of place.

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I’m talking about a place in your mind, perhaps it’s a memory of a place you’ve visited previously or simply seen. Maybe it’s the familiar scent of flowers that made you feel at ease or perhaps the sound and feel of a gentle sea breeze at the beach or maybe the memory a Sunny Friday after noon playing cards at campus. Or maybe you prefer to have designed your own sort of happy or comfort place. You could even combine the two if you want, but what’s important is that you’re able to conjure an image of a happy place when you need to simply by closing your eyes.

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From my personal experience, I use this as a practical tool, a tool for migraines specifically. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before (I probably did, because I love to complain like a lil’ batch), but I’m extremely good friends with Chronic migraines. There are specific factors that can trigger a migraine, but even if I avoid that, there is a time in every month (usually the final days of the month) where I must suffer from a migraine for at least 8 to 10 days. So guess what, that means that I, of the male species, have my own time of the month. 😀

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I used an image that I found online after I googled “Pretty Night Images” and I memorized it. So when I suffer from migraines, I close my eyes, visualize this “night image”, with a hypnotic audio called “deep sleep hypnosis” playing in the background. And I must say that it helps big time. The audio also has the subtle sounds of rain and flowing water so that helps keep the image in my mind, also the fact that it’s an hour long, really helps. After maintaining this practice for a while I’m able to close my eyes and have this image form in my mind without the aid of the audio.

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And it’s not just something I use for migraines anymore. Any time that I’m stressed out, ill in bed, waiting for something that’s taking in a long time, emotionally displaced or even just bored, I’m able to pull up this image and let it play in my head and it calms me down. You can also add your own personal touches here and there. For example, I’m a devotee of the Lord Sri Krishna, so I envision Lord Sri Krishna in that “night time image”. Sometimes the Lord is playing his flute, and sometimes just meditating. And that really puts me at ease. So, if you have a person of your own or a concept that you can add to your happy visualization, you should embrace and add it to your own personal happy place.

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I have a friend called, Lisan, and yes I know she’s very pretty (She’s also one of those simple good women that are basically extinct). She loves the beach, like luuuvvvvs the beach. Every month, she and her family make it a point to visit the beach and sometimes she visits the beach with just her friends. And whenever she talks about the beach, she’s always smiles and laughs about it. Perhaps it’s because she’s visited the beach from such a young age and always had a good time that has resulted in her associating the beach with positivity and relaxation.


And this is important because last year when we were in B Tech together, it was an extremely stressful time for us. So stressful, that it was one of the major contributors that signalled the start to my Chronic migraines. But Lisan had a secret weapon. From time to time, she would visit the beach whenever she could, and that would help her cope with the work load from a mental perspective. But it didn’t end there. There were times in the lab and the class room were things always went wrong, and it’s not like she could just take a drive to the beach….(trust me, very tempting). Instead she would think about the beach, the fun times had there, the feeling of the water rushing up to meet you and the way sea salt gets into everything you eat.

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Even if you suffer from anxiety and nervous a lot of the time, this helps a lot. In your mind, you’ll learn to associate this “happy place” that you’ve formed in your mind with peace and happiness. And in this way, you’ll be able to keep yourself calmer in a lot more situations than previously. I know you’re probably doubting what I say, but trust me, if this kind of “place in my head” is able to help with migraines where pain killers have failed, it must be something that works. Just remember the mind is a powerful tool if controlled and used right.

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If you’re a student who’s had a rough day at campus (which is every day) or perhaps you’ve taken more shit from people at work than a dung beetle does in a day (again, it’s every day), then you can use this as a way to revitalize yourself, to help you do whatever you need to at home and take more shit from your wife if you have to (I think it’s clear to see why I’m single). It’s also a way to help put your emotions and feelings back in order after a hard day….or hard life.

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It’s important that you try to develop a happy place before you actually realize that you need one, so you can reduce the suffering of life much sooner. There are online tests and surveys you can use to determine your happy place or you can delve into your memories and look for one, either one should work. It’s also essential that you practice creating a happy place even when you don’t need one, so if you’re able to effortlessly create one whenever you need to. Also there may be times when you struggle to visualize your happy place. In these cases, you move to a quieter space, or make use of calm instrumental music that you’ve associated with your happy place. That’s also a reason to use soothing music with practicing to maintain your happy place.

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So, I hope that you enjoyed this inspirational blog as well as admiring my friend, (I know you did). Until next time, that’s it from Lord Sri Krishna and Aavi.

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