Prologue: Playing Catch In The Dark

It was night and the wind howled across Slia street as if echoing a warning. It would have helped if the  boy who lived on 14 Slia Street understood the cries off the incessant wind, perhaps he could have changed what fate had in store for him. Instead the boy from 14 Slia Street paying no attention to the wind, stepped out of the shower with a blanket of steam that clung to him and wrapped a towel around his waist. He turned to face the bathroom mirror above his sink which was in between his shower and toilet. He studied himself in the mirror as the steam floated upwards being gently guided to the open bathroom window. He was about 1.61 inches in height, weighed roughly about 64 kg and had recently begun developing a bulge in his gut. “Guess I’ll have to start exercising to avoid getting a stomach” , he sighed. His brown eyes traveled up to his face where his dark brown eyes met his own reflection. His complexion constantly shifted from his usual lighter brown complexion to a more coppery brown sun burnt complexion. He had some stubble on his face although he had a quick trim that morning indicating that he grew facial hair quite fast which was no surprise as he was quite a hairy individual. His hair was long, pin straight and extremely thick which was desired by a lot of girls. His brown eyes usually had a blank or faraway look as he was often pensive, but they could suddenly appear striking and piercing when he was trying to understand something or someone. He had been told on too many occasions to keep his hair at a shorter length as he was much more handsome like that, but he didn’t mind. In fact he felt the longer hair suited his personality much better and had practical uses like hiding his face and serving as a cushion for when he hit his head against a wall. He raised his left hand and traced the 3 three distinct lines under his eyes, lines that served as figurative scars of his insomniac over thinking nature. He sighed and turned away from the mirror to unbolt the bathroom door and stepped into his bedroom that was adjoined to his bathroom. His bedroom was a light creamy colour and was mostly plain, except for the framed pictures of nature and of Lord Sri Krishna. On the left-side of the room was a table littered with random items, a red maroon couch as well as a tabla set packed neatly in a corner, with the bedroom’s only windows above it. On his right-hand side was his bed and the door that led out of his bedroom. The bathroom door was flanked on either side by 2 cupboards. He threw on his pajama’s that  he had already left on his couch and proceeded to crawl under the covers already feeling the weariness that had taken the soles of his feet hostage. He loaded up the Game Theory Petscop Theory video but not before downloading a few of David Dobrik’s vlogs. As he watched the through the Petscop video, his body sank further and further into the bed. He watched the entire video with mild interest and came to the realization that he needed to use the bathroom. Groaning, he brought himself into an upright sitting position on the bed still not having convinced himself to use the bathroom. A frown developed on his forehead and he narrowed his eyes as a creeping feeling of suspicion started to invade his consciousness. It felt like he was being watched which was highly unlikely as his door was locked and the room was dark except for the light that seeped through the ajar bathroom door. He walked over to his open window and glanced around to see if anything or anyone was outside. To be honest, it wouldn’t really be too surprising to find someone creeping around the yard, as the country was definitely in the top 10 for highest crime rates in the world boasting break ins, murders and rape. The boy sighed again having half expected nothing to be there as well as being half relieved. He went to the toilet, washed up and made his way to the bed forgetting to close the window. He groaned, rolling his eyes, cursing his forgetfulness and decided to close his eyes for just 5 minutes and would then close the window and put the alarm on. Five minutes never came, but five hours most certainly did. A few seconds after closing his eyes and making a futile attempt to stay awake, he dozed of. Somewhere around the time of midnight, his sleep broke and he regretfully half opened his eyes as his ceiling slowly came into focus. Something was wrong, something was most definitely wrong. There were alarms going of in his mind, red flags being raised, his heart rate quickened more and more as fear gripped it tighter. It was almost as if his body and senses were somehow aware of something that he was not. The boy became aware of the breeze that was flowing into the room. “Oh Krishna, had he forgotten to close the window?“he thought mildly annoyed. He turned his head slowly towards the window still groggy from just waking up and froze. If fear was simply just clutching his heart before, it was definitely strangling his heart now. At the window was a pair of gleaming yellow eyes that belonged to a face that bore a striking eerie resemblance to that of “Fester” from “The Adam’s Family“. The figure smiled wickedly revealing a set of serrated triangular teeth. His unnatural yellow eyes possessed pupils that were more slit like and they radiated a sinister malevolence. The boy froze petrified as if he had been turned into stone. The figure reached up with one hand, placed it on the window bars and wrenched it of as if it was nothing. The yellow eyed figure proceeded to climb into the room, it’s body as well bore a striking resemblance to Fester. The boy opened his mouth, but no words came, he wasn’t even sure if his voice had abandoned him already. If his voice had abandoned him, it seemed mobility had followed suit as he could only manage to move his eyes towards the panic button while the figure calmly approached his bed. “Is someone calling my name or am I simply imagining things?” the boy thought, as his head was now spinning with terror. Whether or not someone was calling him mattered not to the yellow eyed figure as it slowly reached out, it’s hand fitting comfortably over the boy’s entire face. The boy wasn’t sure whether the coming darkness was due to the incoming hand covering his eyes or because he had just lost consciousness. The last thing he remembered was chanting Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya, before darkness enveloped him.


N.B. For those of you guys wondering, this is simply a trial version of a novel that I’m writing and I decided to publish it somewhere as simply typing and saving it did not actually equate to me publishing it. If you have any feedback about the story or my writing, let me know. Hopefully there is more to come, stay well.



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