Chapter One: Don’t Play With Your Food

Darkness. And then a blinding glow of white. And then darkness again. This continued with the boy swaying in and out of consciousness, until he finally came to his senses. The boy went from being groggy to alert in about five seconds after managing to open his eyes. He was slumped in the corner of a room that was completely white in colour. At first glance, the room appeared to be quite simple. It seemed to be designed to basically be a box as it consisted of only 4 walls, a low ceiling and a marble floor, all of which were completely white. There were however three distinct features that you could say made this room unique. The first distinction was the fact that the upper part of each wall was lined with tiny lights that were deceptively bright for their size. The lights themselves were not unusual, but rather the sheer quantity and the way they seemed to be embedded in the wall were a little strange, although this was probably something that could be found in the mansions of the highly wealthy. The second feature was even stranger as it had to deal with the fact that there was no visible entrance or exit built into the room. “Where’s the door ? How the Hell is a person supposed to get in or out of this room ? Did they build around me? Is this some sort of weird prison? “, were some of the hazy thoughts that rapidly flew around they boy’s mind as if they were playing Quidditch. And then the boy was drawn to the third feature, which was in the room rather than being apart of the room. He had not noticed it at first as he was preoccupied with his weird surroundings but he slowly became aware of the fact that he was not alone in this room. In the adjacent corner to where he was slumped, he heard constant sniffing as well as what sounded like muffled sobs. He placed his two hands on either side of his back with his palms faced flat on the ground and slowly pushed himself up so that he could sit in an upright cross legged position with the wall to support him. It was necessary that the wall supported him as his limbs felt extremely heavy and stiff. “When did I have such a strong attraction to Earth and it’s Gravity? And wait, does the Earth’s Gravity count as it’s personality or something like that?”, he wondered slightly amused and exasperated at the same time. The muffled sobs interrupted his thought flow and brought him back to the reality that he was in. Following the direction of the sound, his eyes traced their way towards the source of the sound. A small figure was huddled in the corner, the figure’s head was lost between their knees firmly buried there. As if that wasn’t strange enough, the figure’s clothes were white which caused them to seemingly blend in with the room. “Are you okay ?” the boy asked in a slightly strained raspy voice only than realizing how dry and scratchy his throat really was. Perhaps it was his imagination, but the figure seemed to scrunch up even tighter upon hearing his voice, the sobs becoming harder to contain. The boy exhaled and then proceeded to lift himself up which took everything he had, making sure to use the wall as support. “From the time I opened my eyes, this wall has supported me more than my own body, does this mean my soul is in union with this wall ? It is only right that I am to be betroth to this wall as it is clearly my soul mate.”, thought the boy as he shook his head chuckling. He was definitely aware he was weird. He took about five minutes to make his way to the huddled figure, with three minutes of that time involving him stretching and undoing knots in his muscles. By the time he reached the figure, his body felt relatively free and mobile. “Does this mean the Earth’s gravity and I don’t have that strong a connection ? Was it simply a one night stand?” ,… and then “Wait does that mean I cheated on the “wall” with Earth’s gravity? Am I a slut ?” , he thought as he allowed himself a final wave of weird thoughts before engaging the figure. He drew a deep breath, closed his eyes, exhaled and opened his eyes again focused on the figure. This was clearly a child any way you looked at the little person, probably around the age of nine. The boy knelt in front of the child cautious not to get too close as to cause alarm for the child. “Are you okay ? What’s your name ?“, the boy asked.  The child looked up, it, was now identified as a girl and even though she was young it was clear she would grow up to be gorgeous. Her cheeks were moist and shiny from the tears that were still flowing and her eyes indicated the obvious that she had been crying as they were red, swollen and puffy. The boy barely looked her over once before thoughts flooded his mind, “She’s definitely going to grow up to be gorgeous”, “She definitely has an older sister, one she’s fiercely proud of”, andShe’s definitely from a rich family”. How did he know all this ? It didn’t matter right now though and he dismissed the thoughts for a later more appropriate time. His eyes met her eyes and he noticed her eyes tainted with equal parts of fear and anger, clearly communicating that he was the source of her fear but also the target of her anger. “Monster!!!! Get away you monster! Don’t you even think of eating me, not even a single bite. “she declared loudly looking straight at the boy. “Monster? Me? Eat her?” , the boy thought surprised and his hand instinctively reached up to feel his face. He certainly didn’t feel like a monster and this girl definitely wasn’t his choice of meal, yet that didn’t change the fact she had clearly hurt his feelings. She was a person for one and a really loud one at that. If this girl was Kryptonian, she would probably burn him up with her heat vision. “Of course if she was indeed Kryptonian, she would be able to break out of here easily”, the boy thought dejectedly as he slowly turned around to make his way back to his initial spot in the room. Even though he hadn’t done anything wrong, the little girl’s words and defiant hatred for him made the minute’s trip back feel like a walk of shame. The boy slumped down once again, his body grateful for the rest that it really hadn’t earned. The girl’s sobs disappeared shortly after that, her eyes fixed intently on the boy as if he would lunge across the room the second she took her eyes of him and proceed to gobble her up. The silence was then shortly replaced by gentle rhythmic breathing. “She was asleep” he realized. Silently and cautiously the boy made his way back to her and sat himself down next to her. But not before covering the little girl with his own white jacket. The boy leaned his back against the wall and slowly slid down into a sitting position also noting that he was dressed in a similar white attire to the little girl’s. Suddenly he was tired, he felt fatigued and weak, as if the little action and words in the past hours had cost him a night’s sleep. Before his head dipped into an awkward hanging position as he lost consciousness, he felt the girl’s weight lean into his body…..


So I hope you enjoyed chapter one, it was a bit long so I cut it short. Also to diffrentiate between thoughts and actual speech;

Character thoughts are expressed in Italics

While character speech is expressed in bold + italics

I typed this late at night, so please excuse my mistakes which are actually more of a result of my stupidity and not sleepiness. I’m also sorry I’m still referring to people as “boy” and “girl”. They already have names, and they were going to receive it in this chapter, but it ended up being longer than expected. I mean typed from 21:00 to 23:15, so I do apologize. I will post in between the story posts, so I do apologize for that.


Thank you my fellow shinobi. It’s your favourite living Uchiha signing out


Jai Sri Krishna


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