Personality Types: Which One Are You ?

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What’s up Uchihas, it’s Aavi back again. This time I’ve got a much lighter topic, personality types. There are different theories as to how to categorize people based on their personalities and the categories themselves differ as well. For this blog I’m focusing on the simplest personality types, and based on what you read you can decide on which personality group fits you best. Keep in mind that our personalities change, and that we could’ve exuded different personalities at different parts of our lives.

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Just an additional note, try to view this as who you are not who you desire to be, as that’s a common mistake people make.



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These are NOT the so called “stuck up chicks” at the party who play hard to get or that “popular guy” who talks certain people only. Introverts simply prefer their own company rather than the company of others. It’s not that they’re rude or disrespectful, it’s simply that they value alone time immensely. For introverts to socialize means it involves a great deal of pressure and social anxiety that would not be felt by someone who is not introverted. I’d say introversion is the second largest personality group people fall into. In fact I was in introvert between the age  of 20 and 21.

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To put it simply, I’ll use something that I’ve coined as the “Battery Theory”

If an introvert has to attend a party or function with a friend and if it’s someone they don’t know too well, they’d do their best to wiggle their way out of it, maybe by turning their phone on silent, ignoring messages or engrossing themselves in a novel or some other activity to give themselves an excuse to lose track of time and their surroundings. However if their friend is persistent and like literally shows up to their doorstep, they’d be forced to attend.

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Before I move on to the battery theory, if you have to be forced to interact with people and try to put it off because of irrational fear or anxiety  and try to minimize and avoid social interactions like above, than you’re probably introverted.


Now the battery theory is a theory that I came up with according to these personality types. I believe that people represent a battery with a certain amount of energy. For an introvert, I believe that at a party for example, they would start of with a full battery having spent a lot of time alone. Being an introvert they’d do their best to stay in the corner. But being at a party or social gathering, they’d be forced to interact with people, and as they do they’ll find themselves being gradually drained before the night is even over.

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They’d retreat outside to get a whiff of fresh air, play with pets instead of socializing, pretend that they have a call or hide in a bathroom stall watching something online to pass as much time as possible before they’re forced to enter the battlefield that is the party floor. Once back in the midst of people, they’d let some time pass before leaving. They’d have a handful of excuses already ready, but most of the time people realize that they’re just uncomfortable and need to leave. After a party or social outing like this, an introvert will not do something like that for at least another month.

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Of course, there are some introverts who would like to socialize with people, they just have to deal with the crippling anxiety. Some introverts do, they find themselves stumbling here and there, but they make an effort and I am especially proud of those introverts. Other introverts make no effort whatsoever, and I do feel this is a bit unfair as regardless of your personality type, all interactions do require some type of effort.

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Introverts can be meticulous, cautious, analytical (especially of people) and calmer individuals. Since they have fewer attachments with fewer people as well as take a longer time to form a relationship, they are able to view people from a distance without bias and decide whether they will get along with them or not. If an introvert is attracted to someone they will often make the first step in greeting you or randomly messaging you with the weirdest of topics just as an excuse to talk to you. So if you know of any introverts who do that, there’s  a strong chance they’re interested in you.

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Of course there’s always the flip side of the coin. There are introverts who are lazy, judgmental and narcissistic individuals. It could be argued that this serves as a defense mechanism, but I believe that no human being ever survived truly on their own, and I’m not talking romance here. So if you’re introverted, please be careful.

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The smallest of the personality groups that people fit into, however is my personal favourite from he personality groups that I’m discussing today in this blog. However I think they’ve kind of earned a bad reputation because of the introverts. Introverts have gone as far as to describe them as “rude and obnoxious”, you don’t believe me ? I’ll send you the links or better yet share some memories. I think it’s ironic how introversion is treated as a crutch but extroversion is treated as a nuisance, ironic right ?

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Just as introversion isn’t being “stuck up”, extroversion isn’t necessarily being “loud and boisterous”. In fact of all the personality groups, I find that being extroverted is my favourite, and I’m not just saying that because extrovert spelled out on a scrabble board gets you more points introvert….Okay, that  was lame. I was extroverted between the ages of 16 and 19.

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So using the battery theory and the scenario of a party, let’s describe extroverts:

More often or not extroverts would be the actual organizers of the party, and will be the ones sending out invites and dragging their introverted peoples to these functions. They look forward to interacting people, sharing memories and being the middle of attention or stealing the spotlight as they say. Extroverts feed of the presence of others, they charge their batteries with the energy and presence of others. You’ll find them on a dance floor with a group of people or at the punch table laughing loudly with others. For them, places of lot’s of people is basically their zone it soothes them.

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It’s not that extroverts don’t enjoy their own company, they just believe the more the merrier. As I mentioned introverts being analytical and having their key traits, so do extroverts. Extroverts are excellent communicators, possess charming sense of humour, risk takers, flexible and perceptive of people’s feelings and expressions. They are able to get along relatively well with people, whether they know them or not. Extroverts usually make strong and trusted leaders able to earn the trust of others relatively easily. If an extrovert is interested in you in a romantic manner, they will single you out in groups of people, or try ebb the two of you out of a group together, so pay close attention.

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There are downfalls to being extroverted. For example when conversing with a person or a group of people, they want to know to get to know people especially the new unfamiliar people or maybe to simply familiarize everyone in the group. Introverts take this as being rude and invasive at times as they value personal space. Another issue is that people they have a romantic interest in may be unsure if an extrovert is serious about them, as they are welcoming to everyone.

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At the age of 22 (Even though I freaking look 16, woohoo) I find myself in this category, which is the largest personality category for people, especially at this age. For myself more specifically, I’m an ambivert where sadly, my introvert tendencies over power my extroverted tendencies, but I’m trying real hard to fix that.

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Ambiverts as most people aren’t aware of (including my spell check apparently), are people who possess a balance of  extroverted and introverted traits, they don’t exactly fit one or the other, and I guess the simplest way to explain to you would be with the battery theory, which I’ll do right now.

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An ambivert can find themselves willingly at a party (extrovert trait) or unwillingly (introvert trait). It is interesting as to how they or we (since I am one) interact with people. We get along especially well with groups of people that we know well or for a long time and we prefer a group of people that isn’t too large where we feel displaced but at the same time not a group that’s too small where awkwardness can creep in. We don’t mind meeting new people as long as we meet new people in the presence of people we are familiar with and we are not left alone with said new person.

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Focusing on the battery theory, I guess we start of with a charged battery, and the rate at which it depletes differs. If we have to interact with people we know and are in a place of comfort, our energy depletes slower vs if we’re interacting with someone new or a romantic interest, we’ll find our energy depleting at  much faster rate. When it comes to the centre of attention, we don’t mind being in the lime light. If someone volunteered us to bust a move on the dance floor or prompt us to make a joke, we’d do it and hold people’s attention for a short while. After doing that we’d politely just fade into the background among the crowd and watch the extroverts do their thing.

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With regards to key traits, it really depends on whether you exhibit more introverted or extroverted to determine the type of traits you possess. The one key certain trait that we as ambiverts seem to possess is being able to break down people to the point where we can see into their souls, (exaggerated to the point of being exaggerated). In terms of romantic interests, we aren’t consistent in our approach or manner of speaking to someone. One day we may introverted, the next extroverted, the following day Harvey Specter and the day after that Yoda.  We won’t simply take a step forward, but will look for windows of opportunity, we’ll complain you don’t talk to us or try to reach you via other people. (So, please notice me Senpai, coz you haven’t messaged me :(( )

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Introverts get along well with ambiverts, being most romantically compatible with ambiverts. Extroverts get along well with everyone, being most romantically compatible with extroverts. Ambiverts get along well with extroverts, being most romantically compatible with extroverts.

Also for those of you who made it to the end of the post, I’ll let you in on a little secret, when it comes down hardcore classification of personality  I’m an INFJ🤫

So, hope you enjoyed the fun topic for a change, until next time Uchihas.


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