Alimony, is it simply expired polony ?

a husband’s (or wife’s) provision for a spouse after separation or divorce; maintenance.
“he is said to have paid $300,000 alimony to his first wife”


Now the definition for alimony that I’m using was copied and pasted directly from the google dictionary. I find it amusing that the word husband is a normal part of the definition whereas the word “woman” is in brackets as if it’s additional information and isn’t an essential part of the statement. That’s what brackets are for though right? They simply add extra information that may not be necessary.

Why am I doing such a serious and controversial topic you may ask ? Well there’s comedian/influencer that I follow, his name is Bill Burr. He has some of the most open minded and logical intellects that I’ve come across and I admire that, apart from his excellent comedy routines.

In the past, I believe it was around about the 1960’s and 1970’s, women had poor paying jobs with pathetic benefits as well as poor treatment. Also back than because of the thinking of the time and the “so called” unspoken rule that women should take care of the children in a marriage and basically give up her career or put it on hold at least.  I myself, am not a feminist but rather I believe myself to be an equalist. I believe that this was a disgusting way of treating women and I am glad this has changed drastically in our current society today.

But now that things have changed, women are more or less on the same pages as men. In fact in South Africa, a woman with the same qualification as a male has a higher chance of getting a job they’ve both applied for simply because she is a woman. Now obviously I understand this, and I’m not here to argue that. What I am here to discuss is, if alimony is relevant in our current society ?

Alimony was originally designed to ensure that after a marriage ended, both parties would be left as equals and that assets, property etc. would be divided equally. Also, the husband would have to pay his divorced wife a fixed fee, which is exorbitant in most cases.  In the past where a woman would quit her job to take of children, I guess that this would be fair and shouldn’t really be problem.

But what about today? There are so many celebrities and athletes that cheated on their wives, and these women ended up taking half of whatever they had, sometimes even more, be it money, be it property, assets, whatever. I hate people who are disloyal or not faithful in relationships, and I believe that these people will serve their time for their crime, but I believe there are other factors that need to be considered, before simply saying that yes, “That man is a piece of shit, his wife deserves half of whatever he earned”.

But there’s something that I noticed with these so called “cheating dogs”, is that when they cheat, they do it more than once and sometimes even before marriage, and yet their wives and girlfriends take them back every single time, why ? Is it simply because they are emotionally more mature ? Are they that patient, benevolent and forgiving ? I think not, because there are two patterns that I’ve noticed whenever I read stories like this of these athlete wives.

The first is that they don’t seem to have a set profession. When you look them up, they usually are listed as a model/actress, but in reality they’ve only done photo shoots at the award ceremonies of their husband’s, not theirs. So basically, they aren’t employed right ? And that’s because they’re taking care of their kids right ? But what it they don’t have kids? And if they do have kids, why do they have so many nannies and domestic workers looking after their kids ?

The second pattern is that these wives almost always seem to wait until they can the maximum payoff from a divorce. Always in 8 out of 10 cases these wives have followed the same pattern. I have to give them credit for have brains combined with their appearances. Men on the other hand are idiots as much as I sympathize for them.

One classic case is Arnold Schwarzenegger, a man who when you think about it can be considered to have vocal slur. He was just an ordinary body builder who picked up weights, yet he was able to combine the 2 and become a very successful actor. I’m from Chatsworth, so trust me when I say that I’ve interacted with several people with vocal slurs as well as those who “lift bro”, (spend time in the gym), and trust me, they aren’t famous. He was able to enter politics and succeed.

Yet he had an affair with a maid and people just threw shit at him. Suddenly, everything that he worked for, his wife was now entitled to ? and everyone just shaded him, I mean what about the maid? She knew he was married, had kids, god knows she even took care of the kids, yet there was hardly any shade thrown at her. The difference in treatment is astounding, if anyone has any logic to justify that, than please let me know.

On a side note, I think the celebrity life is a bit different from our normal lives. I mean where ever these guys go, there’s a bus full of (and pardon my language) whores ready to jump onto their dicks, even in the presence of their wives. And it’s very easy for people to judge, even though a lot of them have already cheated on someone or messed with someone’s feelings, or would do the same thing if they lived the so called “celebrity life”.

I’m not justifying their actions, because I believe that cheating is cheating at the end of the day, I’m just trying to broaden everyone’s outlooks. But what about the normal people ?

What about the average Joe who goes to work to take care of his wife and two kids, works real hard to give them the best. And then one day comes home to find his wife banging the neighbour. After that a divorce is filed and the woman takes his money, his dignity, and all those years of his life… Is that fair ? I think not. We all watched “Two and Half Men”, I mean it hilarious (when charlie sheen starred in it) when we watched Alan go through it, but that was comedy series, it wasn’t real… Except that it is, for a lot of men, and it isn’t a pleasant reality.

I mean women claim they’re so much deeper than men and oh so much more mature, yet they’re compensating materialism for love ?

Anyways Uchiha’s that’s it from me today, until the next blog.





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