Reach For The Stars: Super Mario Odyssey

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“Whoever heard of a plumber taking on an overpowered turtle dragon in order to rescue royalty that could potentially be the plumber’s love interest?” Well in the world of Super Mario it just got better…

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Hey Famn, it’s been a week I think since I’ve uploaded a blog. So, I think this is much better than my previous frequency. So obviously from the title, this is a review on the game, Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch.

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9,5/10. I’m putting this rating here just in case you don’t read the rest of the blog.


Super Mario Odyssey is an action-adventure platforming style game. It’s also been classified as a collectathon. A collectathon is basically a game that requires you to collect a lot of items. I’m mentioning this because Grammarly (God bless) does not seem to be too familiar with the word.

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Plot Summary

The plot is basically the same as almost every Mario game. Bowser together with the Broodals (they’re unique to the Odyssey title) kidnaps Princess Peach and it’s up to Mario to save the Princess. Bowser is actually more serious about marrying Princess Peach than ever before. After Bowser kidnaps Peach and knocks Mario’s block off, Bowser travels the world in order to create the perfect wedding.

Using a spaceship called the Odyssey, Mario together with his new buddy called Cappy (A cap that is actually alive) chases after Bowser to different parts of the world. Their objective is to rescue Princess Peach and Cappy’s friend (girlfriend???).

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How It Begins

Bowser has just kidnapped Princess Peach from the castle and is fleeing on his ship. Mario confronts Bowser on this ship. To put it in the most subtle of manners, Bowser kicks Mario’s ass (this happens via the intro scene). After literally knocking Mario of the ship, Mario falls down into the Cap Kingdom. Mario is awoken by Cappy, and learns of Cappy’s ability to basically take control of creatures. And from here, the adventure begins…

Playable Characters

Unlike the more classical or previous games like Super Mario Bro’s and Super Mario 64, Super Mario Odyssey only allows you play as Mario. You’re also able to take over enemies so I guess technically you’re playing as them in a way. Mario will occasionally interact with several of the A roster characters despite them not being playable.

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The Worlds of Odyssey and The World Within Odyssey

Each world that Mario visits feels unique and well-themed. The enemies and challenges are designed to match the theme of each area perfectly. Each world also has it’s own unique set of music used to match the stage.

Each part of the world becomes has 3 levels of accessibility and each part of an area becomes available depending on your progression. When you first arrive at a new part of the world, there is usually a limited number of power moons that you can collect and only a limited part of the world that you can explore. After a boss fight or two, the majority of the area shall become available.

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The remaining part of the world becomes available post the main story, and I’m still trying to figure it out. So I won’t go further on this point.

Within each area are several mini-areas divided between the standard 3D format and the old-school 2D format. And some of the more challenging areas combine the 2D and 3D aspects. There are other special areas that you have to get to via pipes or via interacting with the world (taking a rocket to a puzzle for example). There are also portraits scattered throughout each part of the world that allow Mario to be transported to another part of the world. However, this doesn’t allow exploration via the portrait route.

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Quests and Side Quests

As Mario chases Bowser across the world, Mario will be required to perform several tasks (main quest tasks) in order for the main story and game progression. Additionally, there are side quests that are optional and can be tackled whenever the player feels like doing them. Quests can be given via NPC dialogue or by visual aids from the game.

Upon completion of quests (main and side), Mario is rewarded with power moons (power source for the Odyssey ship). The more quests you complete, the more power moons you receive, and the further you can travel.

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Main story quests are typically made up of boss fights, repairing the damage the Bowser and his crew have caused to the visited areas, and/or taking part in events or cultural events specific/native to that area. The side quests are typically made up of races, goomba stacking, finding specific characters (like Captain Toad), and/or indulging in an area’s culture and commerce (for example, buying specific outfits to blend in).

There are also these super difficult face puzzles (I almost forgot because I didn’t do any). Basically, you have facial feature (eyes, nose, ears etc.) onto a blank face canvas. Doing so rewards you with power moons.

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Power Moons

Power Moons are scattered throughout each area of the world that you visit. There are power moons hidden away and require extensive searching. Some power moons are hidden away in the 2D world while some are hidden away within mini-game areas. Other power moons require skillful platforming and some are simply just bought. Power moons are also obtained via the completion of quests (main + side).

The purpose of the power moons is to power/repair the Odyssey Ship and allow Mario/Cappy to travel further. The more power moons you collect, the further you can travel and explore. Post the main story, there are even more power moons that become available to collect.

Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch) Screenshots

Game Mechanics

The unique mechanic of this game is Cappy, a sentient creature in the form of a cap. Cappy has the ability to take over creatures when he is placed on their head. When Mario throws Cappy at enemies, he is able to take over that creature/monster/being. Due to the Cappy mechanic, Mario is unable to punch enemies as he does in Super Mario 64.

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Regarding the movement mechanics, this remains largely unchanged from the Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy series. Mario is able to triple jump, wall jump and crouch jump as he previously could. Cappy adds a new element of mobility as Mario can jump on Cappy to launch to higher/further distances. Cappy can also be thrown in a way to extend Mario’s jump duration/arc.

Finally, Cappy also changes the way that you interact with the world and in special cases, the actual characters. There are certain parts within a stage where Cappy must be used to take over a monster or object in order to progress.

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Control Precision and The Camera Angle

This is my personal opinion, but Mario controls have always felt clunky and clumsy. The controls don’t always respond the way I want them to and do not give Mario a precise feel. Rather Mario feels awkward and clumsy a lot of times. I know that during most of the game this isn’t an issue. Except in specific areas that require flawless platforming or in timer-based challenges.

The camera itself tends to do it’s own thing from time to time. Sometimes when swimming or in certain areas, there is poor visibility due to the inability to control the camera. Most of the time dying feels less costly as it costs a few coins to respawn.

Caught Mario mid-blink and it looks like he's starting to get tired of  Cappy's shit : r/gaming

Combat Enemies And Platforming

So, the introduction of Cappy has allowed new ways to deal with enemies in a much more different way than usual. Instead of jumping and stomping enemies as Mario usually does, Mario can use Cappy to take over an assortment of enemies (goombas, fish, koopas etc.). Once Mario has taken over an enemy, he can then use their attacks/abilities to attack other enemies or interact with his surroundings in a new way.

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While using Cappy does for once add some complexity to how Mario deals with enemies, it also has some drawbacks. Because of the Cappy mechanism itself, Mario is not able to punch enemies the way he did in Mario 64, and that for me made it seem like something was missing. Of course, Mario still has his ability to jump and stomp on enemies though.

Through the use of Cappy, Mario is able to better explore the world. Cappy can be used optionally for basic exploring and navigation of each part of the world. However, there are specific areas that require the use of Cappy. This can be either by having Cappy interact directly with the environment (like a zipper for instance) or by taking over an enemy to reach previously inaccessible areas. There are also many platforming areas that require the use of Cappy to progress.

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Boss Fights

Each boss is well designed and doesn’t feel like a cheap copy or a repeat. Most of the boss fights in Super Mario Odyssey don’t pose much of a threat and aren’t really difficult. And that makes sense since this is a game that is heavily reliant on casual gamers. Most of the time the bosses you face of against are Bowser or the Broodals, but there are quite a few unique bosses that are thrown into the mix.

The problem (regarding the boss fight aspect) comes in when the boss fights expect the player to make precise and well-timed moves with clunky controls. During the main game, it’s bad enough, but when you get to the post-main game, you verse a stronger variant of each boss. This is when the clunky controls become a real issue. Difficulty born out of clunky controls instead of the boss itself is just poor game design.

Super Mario Odyssey - Cappy vs All Bosses (Invisible Hat) - YouTube

Money Talks

There are shops located within each area of the world. The shop can be used to purchase power moons, health, new outfits and decorations for the ship.

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Within each area/part of the world, there are the standard golden coins that can be used at the shop located within each area. There is also a purple coin currency that is unique to each part of the world. These purple coins are used to buy area items that require the purple currency. The purple currency is specific (native) to it’s the part of the world that it is found in (purple coins from Cap Kingdom for example) and cannot be used to purchase items from another part of the world (Peaches Kingdom for example).

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Overall Opinion

Super Mario Odyssey is an amazing game. It delivers just what you expect from a Mario game, a simple but engaging plot, it has post-main game content, introduces a new sense of depth due to Cappy (and his abilities), and offers overall fun. It really has something for everyone, from the casual gamer to the hardcore veterans. My only issue was the control precision that caused a lot of frustration during boss fights.

My only feedback for a potential sequel is to allow actual 2 player gameplay, and not to just allow player 2 to awkwardly mess around as Cappy.

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Ciau for now, Jai Sri Krishna.

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