From Hate to Mate, what are friends ?

So, the Stats paper was complete crap, not because it was particularly difficult, but rather because it involves a lot of thinking and discretion. But it’s all good, because I have some time left before I find out on how pathetic I did.

Have you ever disliked someone strongly and thought you’d never get along with them ? And then suddenly you’re friends with them ? Have you ever thought about how that happened ? Perhaps it was a gradual thing or maybe it was an isolated event ?

I have a brief story like that and maybe it sounds familiar. My campus classes were made up of 2 types of students based of the campus courses, Food technologists and Bio-technologists. From the course names themselves, Biotechnology sounds a lot more fancier than Food Technology. And because of this, most of the Biotechnologists were a little condescending towards us Food Tech’s (Damn straight I studied Food Tech). And it was for this reason that these 2 types of students didn’t get along.

In all honesty, the majority of the Biotech group of students were book smarter than the Food tech’s. But the Food Tech’s were better in terms of presentations and were an overall more dynamic and hands on set of students in comparison to the Biotechs. Needless to say, both groups either preferred to stay apart from each other.

Up to this day, I’m a Proud Food Tech, which means that I’m 200% Anti-Biotech. And yet last year, a month after I started a work, a fellow classmate joined me in the same department at the company. And guess what, she was Biotech ! This fellow classmate was a girl who was in the same year as me . We had shared many lectures and lab practicals together. However, I never bothered to find out more about her…., because she was a Biotech.

Now this classmate, I’m going to call her “Elle” for this blog was not the most inviting of people. You know how some people brag about having a “resting b1+ch face” ? Well this was Elle’s default expression. The fact that Elle is generally very quiet, no nonsense type of person and can sound emotionless when talking just adds to her already towering fear factor. A ton of people had admitted to being terrified of Elle. For curiosity purposes, she was definitely pretty and well endowed as a lady (if you catch my drift).

When I met her for the first time at work, we spoke briefly, but nothing too lengthy or of substance. In fact I think I went out of my way to avoid her as much as possible. I was also a little scared of her. But little by little, we interacted increasingly and became more familiar with each other as people. I even brought up the whole Food Tech vs BioTech thing and she found the whole thing amusing.

Perhaps it was because we spent so much of time together or that Elle made such active attempts to talk to me, that without realizing it, I had become solid friends with Elle after a year. And I don’t mean the casual type that you talk to when you’re bored. I mean the type of friend that you confide in regarding the romantic interests, personal life, career decisions and other matters of genuine substance. It feels so good to have a friend like Elle who gets you as a person.

As a friend Elle is awesome, her whole scary demeanor fades away and is replaced by this goofy chill girl who has a wicked sense of humour blended with unwavering loyalty. I asked Elle about the difference in her personalities. She explained that she’s been burned before misplaced trust and disloyal friends, so she’s learned to keep to herself. But when she find’s people who she can trusts, she allows her more colourful and playful side to show itself. And to me, I can appreciate that as a highly selective person.

At the start of the year, Elle moved to another Department within the same company. But we’re still tight as ever. And it’s comforting knowing that I have a pillar of strength that I can count on.

I think the best part about this is that Elle and I are simply friends, good friends. I don’t fancy her in the romantic way, and vice versa. In fact she has a very hunky fiance. But it just feels so damn good to have a friend like Ella that get’s you, especially after you’ve vowed never to be friends with them…(Yeah, Ella and I still laugh about my petty anti-biotech stigma up until this day).



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