Kimetsu No Yaiba: Hashira Ranking List

So, I did a blog post 2 months ago on the Demon Slayer(Kimetsu no yaiba) anime. The manga series ended recently whilst the anime series is only about a quarter way completed with the plot. I’m not going to provide too many spoilers, but I may have to mention a few due to the topic of this blog.

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The Hashira are an elite set of Demon slayers that possess abilities far greater than that of the average demon slayer. Each Hashira is classified as a pillar based of their element/category typing. All the Hashira are present within the last few episodes of the demon slayer anime.

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So let’s start this list of in ascending order, from weakest to strongest;

9. Shinobu Kocho (Insect Hashira)

Ahh, Shinobu Kocho is probably the weakest Hashira as well as my least preferred Hashira. Her only saving grace is her looks, but I’d prefer her kinder older sister. Regarding Shinobu’s personality, she almost permanently has a mellow cheerful and slightly airy demeanor. This demeanor is simply a front to mask her suppressed anger. Shinobu has a sharp tongue and is able to read people quite, using this to get people to do things that they may not want to do (Inosuske and Zenitsu are prime examples).

๐Š๐ข๐ฆ๐ž๐ญ๐ฌ๐ฎ ๐๐จ ๐˜๐š๐ข๐›๐š {๐Œ๐ž๐ฆ๐ž๐ฌ} ๐„๐ง๐ ๐ฅ๐ข๐ฌ๐ก - BOYS ...

In terms of physical strength, she’s the weakest out of the Hashira and I don’t recall her activating her Demon slayer mark. She isn’t physically strong enough to cut of a demon’s head, so instead she makes use of various poison. In battle, she’s able to switch between different poisons every time sheathes and unsheathes her blade. This is due to her storing different poisons within her sword sheathe. In addition to this, she is quite fast, and is probably the fastest out of all the Hashira as noted by the Upper moon rank 2 demon. She also fights using concealed weapons as seen in her scuffle with Giyu.

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Finally she intakes and stores Wisteria poison in her body. It’s a kamikaze suicidal measure to destroy any demon that manages to devour her.

As fast as she is and as deadly as her poisons are, Shinobu isn’t that amazing according to Hashira standards, her older sister was probably more powerful as hinted in the manga. Shinobu’s greatest advantage is the element of surprise regarding her poison, but that’s it. In comparison to the other Hashira she pales in comparison. In addition she doesn’t really have any impressive feats.

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8. Tengen Uzui (Sound pillar)

If we’re talking about who’s the most badass anime character in terms of having the best quality waifuu’s, Tengen would win hands down, both within the Demon slayer anime and across most anime, excluding hentai and NTR anime. Tengen is a loud and boisterous individual who’s generally a likeable individual by most.

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Tengen is a shinobi, both by birth and training. He uses a wide variety of weapons from the dual Nichirn blades to exploding sound bombs and the like. Tengen is able to read his opponents combat style the way a musician might interpret music, when listening or reading of a musical note sheet. In this way Tengen is able to understand and co-ordinate attacks to demolish opponents. He is also able to improvise swiftly during stressful situations with little thinking time.

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Sadly, Tengen isn’t that much of an impressive fighter by Hashira standards. There were way too many times in the fight with Upper moon rank 6 demon that he required the assistance of the Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuske (plus his wives. While Tengen had to contend with more than a single opponent, he required assistance too many times during the fight. After his arc, he was forced to retire due to his sustained battle injuries. Tengen himself stated that he wasn’t that impressive compared to other Hashira (Rengoku and Muichiro).

Tengen Uzui/Relationships | Kimetsu no Yaiba Wikia | Fandom

7. Mitsuri Kanroji (Love pillar)

Well here she is, the busty waifuu of the series, with her breasts falling out of her uniform for no reason. A bashful personality mixed with crushing on every guy with a healthy dose of airheadedness all packed into a body made for sin, but with a good heart. Introducing the Hashira love pillar.

Kanroji is probably stands as the border for who is and who is not a worthy Hashira, at least ability wise. There are unique distinctions for Kanroji with regards to combat. Her elastic like blade is the first unique distinction about her. Her whip like blade allows her a certain flexibility and speed, that are most likely faster than the other Hashira. Kanroji’s unorthodox sword techniques are able to take opponents by surprised with little reaction time.

Mitsuri Kanroji love all sizes - Imgur

The second distinction about Kanroji is her body type…and I’m not talking about her weapons of destruction. Kanroji has a unique body composed mainly of lean muscle, giving her a tremendous physical strength and flexibility, despite her slim looking appearance. She’s able to combine her unique body with her unique blade to unleash an unorthodox flurry of attacks.

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Kanroji was also one of the first to unlock her Demon slayer mark, which gives her an added power boost. Kanroji did pretty well against Upper moon rank no. 4 with the help from Tanjiro and crew. Kanroji doesn’t really have any weaknesses with regards to actual combat ability, but her personality can be a problem in battle. Due to her airheadedness she can lose focus during fatal points in a battle.

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6. Obani Iguro (Snake pillar)

Iguro get’s so little screen time, I can sum up the majority of his history in 1 sentence. Iguro is plagued by a lifelong misplaced guilt due to his family’s actions. There, summarized. Iguro is quite, analytical, friendly to snakes and over protective of Kanroji.

Obanai Iguro - Home | Facebook

Iguro get’s so little screen time, so it’s really difficult to ascertain how powerful he really is. During the final boss fight, he was really useful. He served as the character that repetitively got back onto his feet, every time he was knocked down, regardless of fatigue. Obanai’s swordplay is also quite unique and allows Iguro a certain degree of flexibility and versatility that could only be achieved by Kanroji with her unique sword. This is no surprise, seeing as Iguro is the Snake pillar.

kny kimetsunoyaiba iguro mitsuri Image by Kanna

Iguro unlocked the see through world as well as the red nichirin blade in addition to the demon slayer mark. As a Hashira, he was quite powerful and did live up to the expected standards. We didn’t get see much of his combat style and abilities until the final battle.

300 Best Iguro Obanai images in 2020 | Slayer anime, Slayer, Demon

5. Muichiro Tokito (Mist pillar)

The youngest of the Hashira and tied for first place as my favourite Hashira pillar. Tokito is a rather laid back who is silent most of the time and speaks only when necessary. As the manga progresses, we him develop a sense of sarcasm. Muichiro also tends to favour acting logically rather than with his emotions, but does occasionally give into emotion when the need to protect a life arises.

Muichiro Tokito | Wiki | Anime Amino

In terms of his ability, Muichiro is hailed as natural born prodigy, mastering the way of the sword and breathing techniques with only 2 months of training. In terms of latent ability, he probably surpasses all of the Hashira and if allowed to grow, he would surpass all of the Hashira without a doubt. In a way, he is very similar to Hitsugaya from the Bleach anime.

Bleach Memes - Meme#21 - Wattpad

Muichiro’s sword play is excellent. Muichiro is the only Hashira to have taken down an Upper moon rank demon with no combat assistance, a feat none of the other Hashira had accomplished. Watching Muichiro fight, gave viewers/readers the feel that he was easily able to overpower the opponent and to perfectly counter his opponent. In terms of intellect and strategy, Muichiro is able analyse situations quickly to decide the best course of action and pick up on the fighting style of opponents easily. He was even able to describe how to obtain the Demon slayer mark despite not being aware that it had happened during a single time.

hwaa โ€” Muichiro saying the bad words is my favourite...

Muichiro is also related to the originator of the breaths (Breath of fire/sun) which probably explains why he is so powerful. He was able to unlock his Demon slayer mark as well as unlock the see through world and achieve the red nichirin blade naturally. His seventh mist breath form technique which allows him to distort his opponent by changing his speed and tempo is quite impressive

Muichiro Tokito | Wiki | Anime Amino

Okay, now here we have a problem, because the next 3 Hashira pillars are so so controversial, so…


2. Giyu Tomioka (Water pillar)/ Sanemi Shinazugawa (Wind pillar)/ Kyojuro Rengoku(Flame pillar)

The reason why I have tied them down for second place is this;

Aavi believes: Giyu is the second strongest Hashira.

tomioka going through it : KimetsuNoYaiba

The fandom majority: Kyojuro is the second strongest Hashira

The manga: Implies that Sanemi is the second strongest Hashira.

Giyu is the stereotypical silent loner who is a powerful warrior. Sanemi is the wild card with a brash personality and equally brash speech. Kyojuro is loud and boisterous, and speaks his mind very openly. The one thing that they all have in common is that they are truly kind individuals.

They have a lot in common : Animemes

Both Giyu and Sanemi achieve the demon slayer mark, the see through world and the red nichirin blade. They’re both extremely skilled, fast and powerful. They have been shown to be evenly match during their sparring match against each other. Giyu’s fighting style is very accurate and precision based, wasting no movement at all and can end an opponent in a single fatal blow. Watching Giyu fight is like watching Byakyua from the Bleach anime fight, it feels almost like art of poetry in motion. Giyu and Tanjiro (landed the fatal blow) defeated Upper moon rank no 3 demon (Akaza).

giyuu giyu tomioka kimetsunoyaiba png anime pilar...

Sanemi on the other hand is a pretty wild fighter who seem almost reckless. With simply the sheer power of his flurry of attacks, he’d be able to over power most opponents. His reaction time is quick with explosive reflexes allowing him counter enemies expertly well. He is able to extend his attack range with his breathing techniques making him even more of a danger if possible. The Upper moon rank no. 1 demon praises Sanemi and Gyomei as being the most powerful Hashira.

Shinazugawa Sanemi Is the Suckiest Hashira He Dare Stabbed Smol ...

Now regarding Kyojuro, it’s similar to the Naruto / Naruto Shippuden transition, where the power scaling and abilities became larger, diverse and better explained/understood.

Kyojuro didn’t unlock the demon slayer mark, the see through world or the red nichirin blade. I’m not sure if it’s because these concepts were not developed or ready to be released yet. Or Kyojuro simply hadn’t achieved them yet. I think that the see through world was something Rengoku had almost achieved as per the manga, but the other 2 concepts were not mentioned.

Rengoku- The Fire Hashira : KimetsuNoYaiba

Kyojuro’s fighting style seemed to be a balance of both Sanemi and Giyu. Kyojuro was precise and accurate, although not on Giyu’s level. Kyuojuo attacks were powerful as well as ranged, but was not to the same degree of recklessness to that of Sanemi. Kyojuro’s fighting style was much like his personality, linear but powerful.

Tanaki on Twitter: "My favorite meme is how not okay Kyojuro is ...
  1. Gyomei Himejima (Stone pillar)

As per the manga and fandom, Gyomei is the most powerful Hashira pillar. As per Aavi, he is the most boring (he’s also blind, you’d think that would make him interesting, but oh well). He’s quiet, prays a lot (whines) and is cautious of people.

91 Best Kimetsu no yaiba images | Slayer anime, Anime demon, Anime art

In terms of power, he’s a lot like Jura from Fairytail, boring but insanely powerful. Among the Hashira pillars, he probably achieved the demon slayer mark without realizing it. He also has access to the red nichirn blade and the see through world. His weapon, the chained axe flail is unique to compensate for his lack of sight. His physical prowess is also quite impressive and developed. Gyomei’s blindness coupled with his unique weapon make for an unorthodox fighting style.

Luxus & Jura

Gyomei together with Sanemi, Genya and Muichiro (landed the crucial blow) were able to overpower upper moon rank no 1 demon. So basically, Gyomei is the most powerful yet boring Hashira pillar.

Demon Slayer( Kimetsu No Yaiba) Photo+memes - Hashira in rain ...

That’s it from Aavi, Ciau.

Jai Sri Krishna

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