Lord works in mysterious ways

Premium poster  Baby Krishna - Kidz Collection

So at work not all of us have our own set of canteen lockers. I’m one of the privileged to have my own locker. It’s even more impressive since I’ve been at the company for under a year, and have always had a locker. This was thanks to the sweet admin within my department.

A few weeks ago my friend Shay discovered something really cool. His canteen locker key was able to unlock my canteen lock. This was really freaky yet amazing. I was stunned at least, because the set of locks and keys used for our canteen lockers are not provided by the company. So we have to provide our own locks and keys. But that’s not the cool part.

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A week ago, this girl from another Department had her locker taken by someone else. She’s still quite recent to our company and she’s younger than me. And she was really freaking out about not having a canteen locker anymore. So, guess what ? I gave her my canteen locker and have opted to share lockers with Shay. And it’s completely fine because we can use my lock on his locker and we’ll both have access to the shared canteen locker, no hassle, no fuss. The girl is really relieved to have a canteen locker 🙂

And really, I believe that only the Lord is capable of things developing and falling into the right place like that. So I thought this small development would bring a smile to everyone 😀

Thanks to Lord Sri Krishna 😀

Premium poster  Baby Krishna - Kidz Collection

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