The Man Eater

What’s up guys, it’s Aavi back again with another controversial yet highly relevant topic. I know I promised to post the next chapter of my novel, and that should be soon hopefully… but this has been an issue bothering me for some time back ( 1 issue out of several).
So today I’m talking about a woman, who I’ll talk about in this blog. Since this girl is going to be the feature of this blog, the blog will be highly focused on her.
So, moving to this girl in particular, let’s call her Alisha for the sake of this blog, btw her real name is not Alisha🙄.
So a brief background on Alisha is that she comes from quite a wealthy family, she was able to study comfortably, has travelled to different parts of the world and has not been oppressed in any way. In terms of appearance, Alisha is not fat but she wants to lose weight according to her words “I need to lose weight”. Alisha is also into feminine issues but at very selective times, I’ll focus on that more later. Alisha also has so many insecurities that it is cringy af, and combine that with her fake niceness that is visible to everyone and you have cringeworthy situation more than that of Joey hooking up with Racheal (FRIENDS reference)😨.
So, let’s dive into her dating stunts and how they’ve inspired this blog. For all you women craving for my blood out there, I want to let you know that Alisha is one of those women who does things to hurt women or their reputation at least. Things like slut shaming are definitely not above her. In her case she has always been, the “other woman”. She’s always been quick to jump on guys who are having issues in their relationships or who aren’t in a good place in terms of a relationship. She’s had varying rates of success with regards to this. She’s basically the kind of girl waiting to give your boyfriend a blowjob in the bathroom stall after a major fight or during a temporary break….another FRIENDS reference lol🍫.
Another thing about Alisha is that she was extremely superficial regarding guys. As you’ve probably guessed, she wasn’t exactly the prettiest girl under the sun. But she would always run and chase after guys who were good looking. Even if it was shallow, I wouldn’t have had a problem with that, except for the fact that she would throw so much of bullshit over her shallowness in an attempt to hide it as well as to come across as having depth. Let me remind you guys, I have a great distaste for dishonesty. She actually went as far as saying that she liked this guy for his “curiosity, “aura” and “the aroma of his soul”. Again I would have no problem with this if it wasn’t just a masquerade to hide her burning loins. (Another FRIENDS reference)👍
Recently, she was involved in a 3 month relationship. The first month of that was her involved in a tug of war with the current girlfriend of that guy. Within the second month, Alisha had won him over and by the third month they were, well you know, doing IT…. Obviously, in this case, the guy was definitely a piece of shit for what he had done and thanks to this blog, he may appear in “men are crap” search results😒.
Anyways, during this 3 month relationship, she would constantly post up things about how happy they were and how they loved each other. Interestingly enough, during this period, she would post up quotes explaining in great detail as to why women needed a man in order to be happy. I didn’t agree with this, but I chose to not be a jerk and say anything😪.
Anyways surprise, surprise, the relationship flopped after 3 months. And now she is constantly obsessed with women’s issues, women oppression and women empowerment. She posts things about how men are “trash”, those are her words. She keeps referencing an unspoken challenge that she’s gone through some earlier phase in her life, which is a load of bull. From the time of break up, up until now, for 6 months, all I’ve seen are man hating quotes and women oppression quotes👀.
And yet, she’s already started again, because she’s begun the same pattern on a friend of mines. While putting up all these hateful toxic quotes, she’s busy flirting on the side. And this is not the first time that this has happened and probably not the last time that it will happen😔.
My question to you fellow bloggers and readers, have you observed anything similar? If so, let me know in the comments section 😉
That’s it from me today, hope you have an awesome day.
Lots of Love from Aavi and Lord Sri Krishna 🙏

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