I learned how to Train My Dragon…and apparently how to handle money

Disclaimer: This blog is not limited to the purpose of reading my experience, but also to share input, similar experiences and helpful tips to prevent what happened below from happening again:

So, today, the day that this was posted, my cousins, brother and I (4 of us) went out to watch “How To Train Your Dragon 3” and let me tell you that it was heartbreakingly amazing!!!!!!! (Had to emphasize that).

So for the sake of this blog I’ll refer to the following people as:

Me: as me

Brother: as brother

Eldest cousin: Cousin A

Youngest cousin: Cousin Y

So anyways, what started of as a fun filled day turned out to be a learning lesson for my brother and I, with regards to trust and how to handle money. The problem began with “who was to drive us there ?”. Now from the four of us, only Cousin A and I had a car, so it meant that only one of the two of us could drive us there. In the past, it’s been me who’s driven our cousins to where ever it is we’ve decided to go, and this happened every time. And I’ve never asked them for “fuel money” or anything of that sort, because that’s my own personal principle… or personal “issue”.

So this time, I told my cousin A that we should take his car. I told him this when we first decided this, as well as the night before and both times he was cool about it and agreed. So imagine my dismay when I pulled up to his yard and he tells me “conveniently” that we cannot take his car because his dad is using it. Trust me when I tell you that I was annoyed but didn’t say anything. This is #strike #1.

The next mistake I made was ticket payment. When it was time to pay for our tickets, I needed to use the loo, so I gave my Cousin Y a R 100 to pass to Cousin A to pay for me. Unknown to me at the time, my brother had given my Cousin A R 200 to cover both himself and me, (we’re close brothers). I was not aware that my brother paid for me. Tickets were R 80 each btw. This was #strike #2.

The next mistake made was payment for popcorn. We took a combo deal, and the cost was split between Cousin A and my brother, with cousin A paying R 60 and my brother paying R 100, an arrangement that I was unaware of. This was #strike #3.

The next mistake (you must be tired of hearing that and I don’t blame you for writing me of as “stupid”) was ordering of food. So my brother and I said we’d split the cost for the two veg pizzas (R 60 each ) with cousin A since he would have some being that he was vegetarian. Cousin A also ordered a further cheese sub and double thick  choc milk shake. Cousin Y just ordered a Chicken  Pizza (R 70). This was #strike #4.

Now before I explain how shit hit the fan, let me make a few things clear;

My brother had insisted on buying his and my tickets for ourselves the way cousin Y had done so, but cousin A had refused this, and instead taken the money saying he would do so. Secondly, I was unaware of mistakes’ #2 and #3 until it was too late and I should have been more sharper to avoid mistake #4.

Everyone except, Cousin Y was a vegetarian which is why we shared food.

So this is where things went wrong….

When the bill came, it came to a total of R 276. From everything we ordered, my brother and I had eaten half a pizza each, which would collectively be 1 pizza, so it would work out to R 60. But that didn’t happen, instead I ended up paying a R 100 and my brother paid R 50, so we basically paid R 150, and if you combine that with what cousin Y paid which was R 70, the bill paid by everyone except Cousin A would add up to:

R 150 + R 70 = R 220

This means that my Cousin A who had eaten the most had paid the least, and that would be R 57. My cousin A paid this because he said that my brother and I owed him because he paid for the tickets, however this didn’t make sense. And I was trying to reason with him, but he was being very stubborn and it was getting to a point where we were beginning to draw attention. So we just agreed to pay what Cousin A said was to be paid and went back home.

So at home, my brother and I discussed what happened and I finally understood what had happened. I understood how Cousin A, a cousin whom I had grown up with had hoodwinked us and cut his own costs…

So I initially gave Cousin A the R 100 for my ticket and my brother unaware of this, gave Cousin A R 200 to cover himself and me. Cousin A had R 300  but then returned a R 100 to my brother meaning he had R 200. He paid for my brother’s and my tickets and had R 40 worth of change which was actually owed to my brother and I, and not to Cousin A. The R 160 for popcorn and shakes was not split evenly between my brother and Cousin A, as my brother paid R 100 and Cousin A paid R 60, which meant he owed us a further R 20. Yet when it was time to pay for the meal he pretended as if we owed him money, we ended up having to pay for his meal basically.

Even though he hood winked us, it was our fault for being so idiotic and not communicating properly and I will be more careful going forward with regards to money. However, it wasn’t the money part, but rather the breaking of trust that really annoyed me.

I’m sharing this with you so that you are able to avoid making the same mistake, but also to ask for tips to help prevent this from happening again.

Thank you for reading this. On a side note, I am studying part time and working as well so it’s been impossible to do the food, inspirational, random or novel blog…however, I will try to at least to write and publish the following chapters of my online blog novel.


Until thank, keep well and thank you !!!

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