Gal Gadot Is Goal Gadot

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“What an ass, damn” Aavi thought as he saw Camilla Cabello’s fine bum appear behind Adam Levine in his music video “Girls Like You”. And a minute later, Aavi saw Gal Gadot jump up from behind, and start dancing and owning the moment. And at that moment Aavi was like, “Meh, maybe she’s a little attractive…”

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What’s up my Young Uchiha’s, it’s your favourite #INFJ blogger back again, and this time with a slightly different topic. So, I’ve never really found Gal Gadot attractive, but everyone else that I know really finds her extremely attractive. So when I saw her in the “Girls Like You” music video, I thought why not research it? So, I’m going to look at her from both a physical level, a personality level and from the perception of society.

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So before I go on, I just wanna say that I didn’t really know much about Gal Gadot besides the fact that she starred in Wonder woman and Fast and Furious. I had no idea that she won “Miss Israel” , (I don’t usually care for pageants and things like that). Secondly, I don’t particularly like or dislike her, I simply just don’t see her in an attractive light.

So, now that my self righteous shallowness is out of the way, let’s get to it:

We’ll start with physical traits and get those out of the way. I find it surprising that in a world that praises and focuses on women with “big breasts, asses, curves, hour glass figures”, that Gal Gadot at first glance seems to possess none of these so called traits that we’ve been “brainwashed” or “conditioned” into finding appealing. But Gal Gadot does actually have a little of what I just mentioned, and what may that be you ask ?

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Her ass, yeah that’s right, I mean her butt.  She may not have a bum as big ass Camilla Cabello’s, but Gal Gadot’s butt does have shape quality and firmness to match Camilla. (The word “bum” sounds like it has more volume than “butt”, so I felt it apt in this case). This is important because a lot of people do like her and called attention to her butt in the wonder woman movie. A lot of people say they like big assess and they say they like Gal for those reasons. But what they aren’t aware of, is that they like the shape and firmness of Gal’s butt, because it’s clear that she does have a small tush, so to speak. It’s a bit amusing to see this misconception that when people see an “ass” that they like, they automatically call it “big” even though it’s the shape and size of the butt that they’re drooling over. I mean people see fat or big asses with no shape or tightness all the time and aren’t necessarily attracted to them.

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Moving on to her figure, Gal Gadot may not have the so called voluptuous figure that is so desired today, but she does have a classic figure, one equally adored and envied. Gal Gadot has an extremely slender and lean figure allowing her to slip into a variety of different fashion styles. She’s able to confidently rock a bikini look, a casual look, a formal look, a smart look, whatever the case, she can rock it. It’s almost as if it’s a model figure….. Well yes, that’s exactly what it is! (Ten points to whichever Hogwarts house you belong to if you got that right!). I was quite surprised to learn what today’s society and the internet (because I used google) define as a super model. It wasn’t necessary busty women or women with hour glass figures. No, the concept of what a model or super model “should look like” focused more on the figure of the women. Women that were tall, slender and lean were able to fit the mould of being a model or super model. Kinda explains why Kendal is the only Victoria Secrets model.

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So do I think that Gal Gadot was naturally blessed with this so called…”predisposition”? (I jest here!). I think the answer is both yes and no. I think that her slenderness, body symmetry and height could be attributed to genetics and excellent metabolism, but that’s not all. No, I think her leanness, her tight well shaped butt as well as her natural slender figure were both maintained and improved due to her lifestyle. Yes you may not know this, but Gal Gadot had completed a mandatory 2 year military service for her country and went on to become a fitness coach for a while. Combine that with her genetics, pursuits to be a model, her acting career and being an actress, it’s completely obvious as to why and how she keeps so fit.

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Symmetry by the way, whether facial or of the entire body does matter. A study was found that attractive people were found attractive, because they were “shaped nicely”. However most people don’t realise that they unconsciously look for this when deciding if a person is attractive or not. Symmetry can be attributed to the skeletal shape and structure of a person as well as their muscle type. Gal Gadot who possesses an excellent symmetry that I feel should be obvious to people, I mean it’s clear as day!

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Moving on to her face, this is where it get’s even more interesting. I mentioned before the criteria that we’ve been conditioned into finding attractive has changed in today’s world. People pay less attention to how attractive a person may be, when judging only from their face. I know it sounds weird especially in current day, but in the past, a much greater emphasis was placed on this. You’ll find that evident in both literature and media. For better or for worse, people have now decided to judge a person’s physical attractiveness based on a broader range of physical factors.

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Gal Gadot definitely has a pretty face. She has “good features” as they say when describing her face. But what does this mean ? Well, it could mean several things. Depending on the person, they could be referring to the shape or size of her eyes, nose, ears, lips or even their proportion and position from each other. She has a symmetrical face which adds to her facial attractiveness greatly. She is also almost always wearing a smile, which brings me to an end of describing her from a physical stand point and now to break her down from a personality point of view.

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You may well be saying that the rest of this blog post is to justify the shallowness of the first half of the blog, which is not my intention, but I don’t blame if you think that….(Stone that hard cold bast##d known as Aavi 😀 ).

But getting back to her face (Hahahaha, that’s what she said 😀 …. At least I wish), Gal is almost always wearing this natural broad warm smile and she makes subtle yet firm eye contact with people when conversing. If you’ve watched White Collar Season 5, you would have heard that Neil Caffrey describes this as a trait that is common in good people. Of course this kind of behaviour can be manufactured as seen by Patrick Jane when he wants to be “charming” to extract something useful from someone. So I’m hoping that Gal is genuinely warm and not really some terminator stone cold bit.. I  mean person.

But yes, this warmth, this natural smile this ability to make eye contact in a way that is gentle yet firm enough to let a person know that you are interested in them, in what they say and feel. Why, you may ask? Because we as people, as social creatures, we crave validation and attention from the people around us. By Gal being able to radiate this natural kind of warmth, she is able to give people some kind of validation and thus bestow upon them a kind of importance. She’s able to create a type of feeling  similar to that felt by a student when they receive a “Well done” comment on a piece of work or similar to an employee who received a bonus for a job well done.

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It may sound simple, even a little ridiculous, but it’s true. How many individuals do you know that you can talk to, and not just receive good counsel, but also feel like you “matter”, so to speak ? Not many I take it ? Because everyone is of busy being oppressed and profoundly deep trying to maintain the identity that they’ve created for themselves or the one that’s most accepted.

The next thing is that she’s confident. I’m pretty sure that this stems from the fact that she’s aware that she’s attractive, as well as aware that plentiful of people find her attractive. If you couple her attractiveness with her success, discipline, wealth and fame, it’s pretty clear that her social standing is going to be quite impressive no doubt. So she has little to be ashamed about or to shy away from. That’s why no matter where she is, who she’s with or how she is, she will be seen and accepted as someone who had done a lot, who is able to contribute and as someone who is pleasing in more ways than one.  I think anyone with all of that would be able to be relatively confident.

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The next thing I think is her response to her very fame and fortune so to speak. Do you know those types of pretty women, who are aware that they’re pretty, but are humble about it ? For example, if she receives a compliment, she will not deny it nor will she harp on about it. Rather she will graciously accept it and move on, not like some women who will screenshot it or broadcast or instead deflect and ignore it. This applies to not just her attractiveness, but her fame and wealth too, she is not haughty regarding things like that, rather she’s very subtle about it without coming of as rude or offensive so to speak.

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However! It is important to be aware no matter how subtle she is about being pretty successful and what not, she is most definitely aware of it. We’ve seen this when “pretty girls” flash a pretty smile… or much more to get out of a speeding ticket or when the rick pay of a person to make a problem go away. Fame has actually been used as well to help avoid problems. Ashton Kutcher mistakenly bumped into someone when moving his car in a parking lot. The person who was bumped, took a selfie with Ashton in exchange for not pressing charges or pursuing legal action. Guess he wanted to try and be Micheal Kelso again….

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And finally I’ll end of with Gal Gadot’s personality type, I’ve seen may people theorize her personality type, and based from that and interviews and the general feel that I got from her, I classify her as ENFJ (Extraversion, intuitive, feeling, judgement). According to this personality type, these are people who are natural leaders, who are able to inspire people. Their intuitive side combined with the Feeling and Extraversion capacity not only allow them to understand people of all walks but are able to reach out to people both with raw logic or emotions. The down side is that their openness and trust can backfire if the people around them fail to reciprocate their good nature. Gal Gadot certainly does seem like something else.

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So there you have it, I believe that I have answered my question as to why she is attractive and why I may have found her attractive for that brief moment when she was dancing in a bubbly fashion behind Adam Levine. After knowing all of what I have researched, do I like or dislike her? The answer, is No. Do I find her attractive?…..No. In way even though she’s a good person and I definitely am into whole slender looking type, I don’t fancy her (Did I just curve Wonderwoman :O  , or friendzone her at least.).

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Well that’s enough shallowness from me, Young Uchiha’s. For now I’m out, but I will definitely do a similar piece next time.

From Lord Sri Krishna and Aavi


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