A Journey To The Past, A Vacation In The Present


Yeah, I hope you read that quote and you should read it once more. I’m sure a lot of us take life for granted, we take our circumstances for granted, we pay no attention to whatever wealth we possess, we tend to unintentionally alienate the people closest to us in our life. Our whole lives feel like we’re just striving for something better, like whatever we have is simply not enough. I know that we all come from different walks of life, that we all have different challenges that we must face and different goals that we have set out to accomplish.

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I’m not saying that we should remain stagnant and not be ambitious, ambition is definitely necessary for achieving our goals and no one ever has experienced growth by simply remaining motionless in the same spot, (except maybe the grass, and they’ve made it no where…. Except maybe onto national geographic, but I’m on Youtube, so I’m catching up).  I do believe that striving for something higher is important and always working towards something well help keep you sharp, keep you on your feet and will always ensure that you have something you can contribute.

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But what I want to focus on, is about reflecting on the past. As I write this blog I find myself listening to “Naruto  Chill Trap, Lofi Hip Hop Mix” . Naruto Shippuden or rather anime as a whole has been, and is, and will continue to be a part of me into the future. Maybe it’s because anime is basically 50 % of who I am, or the fact that it’s so deeply part of my roots or simply that I can turn to it when life becomes like the “Amegakure” , that’s a Naruto joke.

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But listening to this music mix, memories simply float around in my mind of the past. Back to the days when I was much more innocent, naïve, less wiser and emotions simply felt less guarded and more raw. Do you remember those kind’s of feelings? A time when you were younger, when you knew much less than you do now. Maybe it was two years ago, maybe three, maybe even ten ? I’m not saying be one of those people constantly living in the past because that’s not reliving your memories, that’s simply being stuck in the past.

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Maybe take a look at where you are in your life in terms of your career or studying choice. How have you improved, what changes did you make along away, what choices would you have made differently if you could go back? Perhaps by reflecting on the past by remembering the mistakes that you made and lessons learned, it can help propel you to your goals even faster. And the “now” is also important, make sure that you live in the moment, own it! Enjoy the feeling of the present of simply being “there”. I know it’s easier to appreciate the good moments in life, the happy times, the so called sun shine filled golden moments when everything is going great while sad and awkward embarrassing moments are hard to savour. But once they’re in the past, once there’s been some distance from it and progress has been made, even if those, memories are forever cringe worthy till the day you die, you’ll at least be able to muster a bleak smile and let out a hearty chuckle.

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Or maybe look back at the people that you’ve left behind in life or the people that left you behind. Maybe some people simply drifted away, maybe there was a falling out, broken trust, infidelity, miscommunication, maybe some people left this realm of existence. Look at the people around you, look at yourself, acknowledge how much everything has changed, be it physical traits, be it emotions, be it spiritually or in other facets of life like job wise, cars, houses, diets etc. Look at failed love, failed friendships or even rekindled relationships. Look back on those magical moments in the life, the one with a fairytale ending to the night. Whether it was prom, your wedding day, a special birthday, the first time you met your best friend and/or lover, or maybe your first job. Look back on those places where your family or friends would gather often to make awesome memories.

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Maybe look back on past hobbies or sports or talents that you honed and expertly displayed in the past. Maybe you were part of soccer team, a pool player, a dancer, maybe even a musician. Maybe you would get together with the rest of your mates or team at some time during the week or on the weekend to practice or play a game or tournament if you were into sports or play for a gig if you were a musician. Maybe you guys were good enough to go platinum or were simply passionate about what you were into. Maybe being a musician, sportsman, a pokemon trainer, a gamer, maybe whatever it was that you were, gave you some form of identity, something more that you could belong to, a bigger picture that you could be a part of. Maybe all of that is now over and those trophies, those accomplishments, that passion can never be recaptured, but you can always visit them once in a while in your memories.

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Maybe even your tastes or the tastes of others you may know have changed, be it food, music, lifestyles and people preferences. This life that we have is so precious, that I feel that sometimes we forget it, simply because we feel that we aren’t “good looking enough”, that we aren’t “rich enough” , we aren’t “famous enough” to properly enjoy life. We’re so worried about the next person, about what some Youtuber is doing in their vlogs, about the drama that some celeb is in or causing. We fail to realize that once the cameras go off, those so called  Celebs, those Rich and Powerful “Gods” that we worship, have to deal with their problems, so go chasing waterfalls , listen to rivers and the streams.

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In conclusion this is basically what I have to say. They say “Life” is a “gift”, but what does that mean ? Well here’s what I think. Your existence is the packaging and all your memories and experiences within that existence are the gift itself.  Thank you to everyone I’d like to end of from a quote from Naruto,

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“Turn your sadness into kindness and turn your uniqueness into strength”


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Ciau my Uchihas :d

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