Chapter Two: My Grandma, What Big Fangs You Have

Rap, rap, rap” was the sound the boy awoke to when  he opened his eyes, or rather the sound he felt. Apparently the little girl had overcome her initial fear of him and she was now operating in a mode of curiosity. She stood over him her face close to his, examining his teeth by squinting and tapping it repeatedly.  “My, what sharp teeth you have” she exclaimed fascinatedly while continuing to prod at his teeth. The boy gently waved her hand out of his mouth and wryly replied, “Thanks, I brush twice a day and always floss before bed. The girl retreated her fingers and a frown replaced her curiousness, “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, you know that right” she replied in a matter of factly tone with her hands placed on either side of hips. “At least it’s still a form of wit right ?” the boy replied while mentally acknowledging that this child was clearly smart. The boy reached up to feel his own teeth while the little girl continued to pout. She was right, his teeth were definitely sturdy and sharp with his canines in particular, feeling more like miniature smooth daggers instead of teeth. He was careful upon physically examining his teeth as it felt as if he could cut his own skin. His teeth also felt straight, perfectly symmetrical as if designed that way on purpose. And then the girl asked him a question, a question that sounded so simple yet jolted him to a sensation he hadn’t realized yet. “What’s your name ? she asked innocently, a question that was clearly normal yet seemed to awaken a bizarre feeling within the boy. The boy still slumped against the wall, pushed himself up slightly more. His mind went into over drive as if trying to piece together something, bits and pieces that may be here and there in his mind, anything at all. The problem was this, “There was nothing there“. His eyes reflected the mental tempest within his mind with a distant faraway look. A frown developed on his forehead, his eyes squinting to the point of being strained. The weird thing was that it felt like he was grasping for something that was never there in the first place, as if his memory had never existed in the first place. There was no pain or stress that surfaced when he tried to remember, simply a shameful blankness. He looked up at the girl whose face had developed into an interesting shade of concern and anxiety. “I don’t know, I really can’t remember anythingthe boy said in a resigned voice. He placed a hand on his forehead gently massaging his temples and edges of his closed eyes while while releasing a sharp sigh. The girl bit her lip as if hesitant to speak, clearly aware that she needed to be cautious when she spoke. She paused, took in a deep breath and said, “Well, the thing is, my mom says I’m not allowed to talk to strangers so…. ” she trailed of leaving the obvious unspoken words out. If he couldn’t even give her his name, if he didn’t even know anything about himself, if he couldn’t even trust himself, how could he expect this sweet little girl to trust him ?  He traced his hand from him temples down his cheeks to just above his Adam’s apple letting his index and middle finger rest there. An awkward silence followed as the girl stood in front of him clearly perplexed while he looked down at the ground blankly lost in thought. And then he had an idea, one that wouldn’t work on an adult but maybe on a child. “Hey, I know! Why don’t you give me a name ? ” he boldly exclaimed. He stared wide eyed at the girl, his eyes brimming with hope and excitement. “You want me to pick ? Why not just pick your own name ?” she replied incredulously surprised. “Name myself ? That’s rather silly isn’t it ? the boy replied further prompting her to decide a name. The girl pursed her lips together looked up to the ceiling and back to the boy. He was right she thought, picking a name for himself would be rather ridiculous. “Right, I got it, I’ll call you “Fangs” because of your sharp teeth” she proudly exclaimed pointing at his teeth. “Fangs?” the boy thought with slightly raised eye brows, that’s a bit immature but he did ask her to pick a name. “How about Fang instead ? Sounds much cooler doesn’t it ?he asked hopeful. “Nah, you aren’t cool enough to pull of Fang, so it’s Fangs for now”, she said gleefully enjoying what little power she had over him. The boy smiled a defeated grin, thanked her and thought “That’s that“. ” So, what’s your name than ?” he asked curiously. “It’s Ariana, pleased to meet you Fangs” in a slightly formal way with a touch of politeness.  Fangs was just about to ask Ariana more about herself when the door opposite them slid open causing his mouth to fall open. Ariana though was clearly not surprised and Fansgs could feel her gaze in the direction of the door as if expecting something or someone. A lady stepped through the door wearing an unbuttoned white lab coat over a tightly clad sheath dress that accentuated her slim figure. She was in her mid 20’s probably, a B cup most likely with a slim waist that flowed into some lovely legs. Her dress was clearly expensive especially for a scientist to afford. She announced her presence by addressing Fangs, ” You are the most pitiful excuse for a predator that I’ve ever seen” she announced in a slightly exaggerated raised voice that indicated disappointment. Two burly men flanked her on either end. Fangs said nothing and instead swept his gaze over the lab coat lady and then the two men on either side of her. If an angry feminist was watching they would probably brand his name on some sexual stalker list from the way he swept his gaze up and down her twice. Fangs let his gaze fall on the lady narrowing his eyes as he ran them up and down making notes in his mind. “She’s not wearing any fancy underwear to augment her body yet she’s chosen to wear a dress that clearly emphasizes her figure, meaning she’s extremely confident. Her eyes are sharp yet calm which if combined with her lab coat, tells me that she’s clearly smart. No scientist would dare walk into a lab or hospital with an open lab coat or dress like that, so it must mean she’s into human sciences. It also indicated there was no risk of an epidemic disease or some kind of similar bio risk despite being in a secluded secure room. To be able to afford such expensive clothing at a young age means that she’s rich or earning well or both. While all these thoughts swam around in his mind, his eyes shifted to the men on either side of her. “They weren’t just some ordinary brute thugs, the way they held themselves, composed with no openings as if ready to spring into action at any given second. Their muscles weren’t developed in just the upper region or lower region, but rather their entire figure  was developed as a whole, although in slightly different ways to each other. Their eyes echoed discipline.” Again all these thoughts swam in Fangs’ mind as he arranged them to try and make sense of the situation. One of the men reached out as if to take hold of Ariana while Fangs was trying to figure out what was going on. Ariana hid behind Fangs legs, her head peeping out with a mixture of fear and fierceness on her face. The man hesitated as if unsure and looked to the lady indicating that she was indeed in charge. The lady simply smiled giving no indication as to how to react as she was more curious to see how the situation turned out. The man with his outreached hand looked at Fangs as if waiting for his decision. Fangs instinctively moved his hand to tuck his hand under her arm and gently pulled her just behind his legs. ” What was he doing ? These men would shred him to pieces. If he let them take her, maybe they wouldn’t harm her ?” he thought. Almost immediately a wave of new thoughts rushed into his mind, as if mentally slapping some sense into him. “Of course they’re going to harm her. She clearly recognizes them and she’s scared.” Fangs had already made up his mind even before these thoughts entered. He was going to protect her even if it cost him his life and he died here pathetically.  He wasn’t the disloyal type, memory or no memory, that was definite, it was instinct. The man retracted his hand and exchanged a cautious even slightly nervous glance to his partner, and the man returned the same expression. “They’re clearly worried. But because of me ? No, that couldn’t be” Fangs thought disbelievingly. But it seemed like the only explanation. Why would they be scared of puny lil’ him Fangs wondered. Perhaps it was because of the danger presented in front of them or the fact that Fangs hadn’t been awake properly, but he suddenly felt more conscious of himself, the people around him as well as his environment. And when this understanding dawned on him, he partially understood why these men were nervous despite how dangerous they appeared to be. Fangs reared himself up to stand completely straight, slowly breathing in with his eyes closed and then opened them slowly as he breathed out slowly. It was just these three people in the room besides Ariana and himself, he could feel it, just in case seeing them was not enough proof of their presence. Fangs could  almost hear their heart beat quicken, he could almost distinguish each person’s respective scent. “Almost” or more like “definitely“. But that wasn’t even the most amazing part. He, yes he was the reason that these men were nervous. Fangs may have been small and thin compared to these men, but he was made of lean muscle, he could feel it. And he was filled with this explosive energy that was just waiting to be released. Confidence and calmness emanated from Fangs as he stared down or rather up the men, he was confident he could take them. Even Ariana was aware of the fact of how intimidating Fangs was coming off , as  she stuck her tongue out at their guests. “It’s fine, the girl can stay. Follow me.” the lady said smilingly in a soft silky voice that sounded slightly amused and she turned around.


So that’s chapter  two, again I was going to write more, but I got lazy, it took me about 3 hours to type this excluding editing. If you’re confused as to how to distinguish thought text from speech text, check chapter 1. Chapter 3 should be out in 2 weeks maybe ?


I will be running another blog post not related to this novel online series. So just don;t be too confused if I post a random blog now and than. To follow a sequence of these blogs, you check the titles for “prologue, chapter, epilogue” and that’ll be it, since this is the only online novel I’m writing currently. Or just ask me, it’ll be a rare opportunity for me to engage in human communication.


So that’s it for tonight my Uchihas, stay weird, unique, youmg, kind and free. Ciau



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