High Class Hookers, The New High End Dessert Range Of The 21st Century

Tim, a well dressed man sat his table finalizing his order. He was nervous, sweat running down from his forehead and temples. He looked across the table and his eyes fell oh her again. She was flawless, literally flawless. Her skin was glowing and spotless, her body was toned and curved in all the right places. She wore only a lacy revealing lingerie with a gown falling of her shoulders. She was looking at him smiling, gently biting her lip, her breasts rising and falling and those eyes…. oh those eyes that were constantly fixed on him, never off him so full of joy and mischief yet with that same glance, she could steal his soul. Tim looked down at his menu one last time, then up again at the charming lady, before squeaking out “Yes, I’m finalizing my order for 2 nights”. The lady simply smiled, blew him a kiss and ended the video call. Tim closed his laptop, pulse still racing.  

What’s up my fellow Uchihas, it’s your favourite #INFJ blogger Aavi Uchiha, with yet another blog post, this’ll make 3 in a row. So today we’ll be talking about something that I came across on Twitter yesterday, call girls or hookers. And I’m talking about expensive pricey ones, more expensive than a brand new car. I couldn’t even believe it, 12 000 US dollars, even up to 20 000 US dollars. I mean if you had 4 bookings in a month, you’d be set for the year.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s first talk about the how and why of things.

In the past it was pimps and managers who managed and controlled hookers. Of course, what this also  meant that a big chunk of these women’s pay was taken (I say taken but I mean forcefully taken). However, thanks to social media and technology, almost any woman with cellphone, laptop or tablet can literally run their own thing, no managers needed, which would mean no one takes any cut of their earnings. So if there any hookers/callgirls reading this you can quit your pimp (that’s if they won’t kill you for it, if so I advise against it, I don’t want anyone’s blood on my hands).

So the first step (in case anyone’s interested in starting their own call girl business), is that these HCH (high class hookers, as I’ll refer to them as that for the rest of this blog) treat their names as a brand, both in a literal and figurative sense. Their names and faces are literally the name and face of the company. Their body and their time are the service and the product that they provide to you. When they market their name, they’re essentially marketing their brand to you, because they are the brand. If you stuck their name above some high class shopping centre, you’d walk in like normal, because of the way everything is designed, what do I mean ? I’ll explain in the next paragraph.

A website or a blogsite is the an essential tool of these HCH. If you’ve ever stumbled onto one or actually been active on one, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s like the classiest most sophisticated sites you could ever visit. I mean simply looking by the site itself, you’d feel under dressed, although to be fair I was in my pj’s.  Their brand pages, websites, blog sites whatever you call them, are actually done in a more organized, professional and sophisticated manner than most corporate companies actually. The layout is more or less the same, the intro page, a brief description of the woman in question, a gallery of pictures, donations, wish list and contact details.


I’ll break it down for you so understand. The Intro page is simply blank except for the list of subheadings you want to pick while the background changes between images of the hooker you’ve selected. The Brief Description serves a two fold reason. The first is that it describes the physical traits of the hooker. It will focus on her eyes, on her skin, on the fact that she’s toned because she does exercising or pilates. Nothing to sensual or sexual but just enough for you to read between the lines. The second description is of the hooker’s personality. It’s more or less the same for all of them. They refer to themselves as “friend”, meeting you is referred to “establishing a friendship” and the activities they describe are simply left to your imagination.


Now the description page is important, and let me explain why. I feel, and this is just my personal opinion, is that it’s a way to hypnotize you into thinking you’re hiring or buying a friend who will fulfill your every desire. Just saying you’re buying a hooker or a prostitute even, sounds cheap and wouldn’t keep with the theme of classiness of their brand. But instead, by repeating the word “friend”, you’ve convinced the person that it’s something more, something special, maybe even a unique relationship or bond. This is much more alluring than simply buying a hooker, am I right ? Even though buying an expensive hooker is basically what you’re doing, except it’s been sugar coated to the point where it’s now candy floss.

As someone who shy’s away and can’t stand fake people and bullshit, I think it’s usually the second half of the descriptions that really annoy me to that look of sarcasm to the point of my face looking like a slapped bottom (weird description I know). There’s always a paragraph towards the end, usually the third last paragraph. They talk about “losing themselves in the depth of a person” or saying “I want to bathe in their soul and aura”. That is coymplete donkey shit. No they don’t care about you on a deeper level, if they  did why would their time and interaction cost so much, or even cost anything at all ?  And how can you or why would you do so if it’s just for a fixed period of time ?


There are also a lot of “claims” that they make, that they’re educated with qualifications, cultured and well travelled. There are obviously no ways to prove this, and I don’t think people would care about this, so it’s perfect to add to the ambiance of the theme. It’s very important to note that they never directly say sex or engaging in sexual activities. But there’s always phrases sprinkled here and there like, “shared unforgettable moments”, “sensualist” and a “master of flirtations”. You as a client would obviously know what that means, otherwise why would you be there ? I could go on, but I need to move on.

Next is the gallery of pictures, which is tactfully placed after the description and before the “donations”, let me explain why. Previously in the written description, only her hair, skin or exercising routine was mentioned. Obviously it was worded carefully to avoid being flagged. Now in the gallery section are pics of the HCH, dressed usually in lingerie, either with a whip or sex toys and she’s usually in a very “inviting” position. A lot of the pic’s have filters just to emphasize the sex appeal as if the pictures weren’t enough. These aren’t just important because they look good or just to make the person want her more. It’s important because it’s filling in the gaps of the written description, the so called sensual description of her that was intentionally left out. It’s also tactful in the sense the product images (HCH images basically) are placed before the payment options.

Also, almost forgot, their faces are always blurred out of the pics and stuff, so uhm, you know there’s that. Why would you need to hide a friend….


Donations is the next section which is basically the payments options. It’s honestly such a brilliant scheme. You aren’t “paying” a “hooker” to spend time with you, rather you’re “donating” to a “friend” to spend time with you.  All your different options are listed as if you’re ordering from some high class restaurant menu.The price increases based on an increase in; duration spent with client/friend, distance travelled and accommodation. But here’s the best part… the friend that you’re donating to, pays for absolutely nothing !Q! What’s more is that if you have to fly them to any part of the world or set up accommodation expenses,  YOU, yes you their dear deep friend (deep pocketed, shallow minded rather), have to pay for it, as well as take care of all their living expenses for that duration, I think it also includes their transport for leaving as well. What a good friend you are (what an idiot you are).


But wait !! There’s more as if that wasn’t enough, there’s an added section called the wish list. Where the top line reads, gifts aren’t expected but they’re welcome. And there’s a list of things presents. That’s kind of a Tsundere thing to say (although Tsundere anime people are decent…Baka, Kya). Why would you list gifts if you really didn’t care but list them anyways ? A lot of these women are young, so it’s quite likely that they’ve never received gifts before, or they probably would prefer a deluxe jewelry set set instead of the bouquet of flowers you have when you wait for them at the airport to get of the flight you just paid for.IMG_20180801_102637

The final section is the contact forms section and  stuff, there’s not much to say except, there is a disclaimer that if you start the process and stop halfway, you’ll be expected to pay a certain amount, so please be careful.

Moving on to the why of things, I believe that there are 2 types of women employing this kind of strategy. The first being the veterans, they have experience, maybe as a stripper, exotic dancer, hooker, call girl, escort, etc. They’re doing this for the money to live off, they’re the kind who’d take you for all you have, wreck your home if you have a family maybe even blackmail you. They’re what I would go as to far as calling a “less invested gold digging whore”. The second type of HCH are probably collage girls trying to pay of student loans or unpaid debts, although a lot of them end up being engulfed by the business or will slowly get into something less hardcore like phone sex. In that movie Valentines day with Ashton Kutcher and Jessica Alba, I think it’s Anne Hathaway who does phone sex (while on Valentine’s Day I might add) to pay of unpaid debts. It’s also kinda interesting to see like the campus girls post like a normal bikini pic’s as compared to the veterans, if you pay close attention, you can differentiate.

The one thing that these two HCH groups have in common, is that they are comprised of young women between the ages of 18 and 24. Which would make it highly unlikely that any of them have qualifications as claimed previously. I’m guessing that a lot of their clients are wealthy people either retired or closer to retirement because I mean the prices are like extremely high, and people in their 20’s like me would never be able to afford that, although I would never do something like that. Another thing that suggests that they are young is that they are able to maintain professional websites and social media accounts. Unless some one like a manager or photographer is there to help the less technologically endowed.

Look I’m not here to judge even though, I’ve sprinkled this blog with sarcasm all over, but I mean if you need  hooker, especially if you’re from Asia, Russia or Slavic, just get a local hooker. I mean we see them pop up every time we’re browsing the net and I bet they cost a lot cheaper, but hey, that’s just my opinion, and it’s not even proper advice.

Until next time my fellow Uchiha’s, the next topic will be even worse, possibly the worst topic that will grace this blog post. After that will be some less intense topics… At least I hope so.



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