Dragon Ball Super – How Super Is It Really ?

“The atmosphere surrounding the mountain was charged with an over saturated concentration of fierce energy, determination and spirit. Son Goku the most powerful martial artist in Universe 7 clashed with Gohan, his own son who was a martial artist now turned academic scholar, in order to test the limits of his son’s own power. As each fighter inched closer to their full power, they finally clashed in a burst of dazzling spectacle” 

Hi everyone, my name is Aavishkar Singh, as you probably may have read. This is my first proper blog, so please go extra easy on me. This is basically my opinion on Dragon Ball Super that I’ll be talking about, and I apologize if I offend anyone.  Also, thank you to everyone reading this and everyone who contributes to this blog😊. So jumping straight into things🙌…

I think all of us remember watching Dragon Ball Z as kids, back then if you didn’t know about dbz, well you basically didn’t have an awesome childhood, (which I agree with😂). When I think back to the early days of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, it was all simply just a kick ass cartoon series😎, with the exception of Dragon Ball GT that was more like an ass kicked series🙈 (it sucked basically😩). But now as someone who frequently watches anime and reads manga, how good is Dragon Ball Super as an anime, and does it really compare ?

I wouldn’t go as far as calling myself an “Otaku”, but I feel like I’ve watched enough anime to answer these questions with certainty, and I most certainly answer, Hell Yeah😎, to both these statements. I think Dragon Ball Super is a damn good anime and is really comparable to a lot of the other great anime currently out there as well as the peecious installments in the Dragon Ball Z series. 
I think the first thing I liked about the DBS series was the way that Character Development and Screen time for all the characters was handled. The DBZ series started of with a lot of characters with their own origins and back stories,  like Krillin and Piccolo for example. But as the series progressed, it seemed like there was an increase in the power levels of limited individuals only such as Goku and Vegeta,  while other characters simply fell away being “too weak” to fight higher level opponents. This was especially apparent in the Buu saga, which had a load of controversies. This was especially frustrating for me being a Gohan fan, watching him go from zero to hero from the cell saga to the buu saga. I know you can mention Ultimate Gohan during the Buu saga, but that was short lived and poorly executed.  Other characters like Krillin and piccolo simply didn’t feature as fighters and were sidelined as being too weak. Even the SSJ 3 fused Gotenks was more of a comedy relief rather than the introduction of a new protagonist.  

The only DBZ fans really satisfied during the Buu arc, were the Goku fans and possibly the Vegeta fans. This was understandable as Goku attained SSJ3 and reached a completely new level of power. SSJ3 may have looked cool at first but it really just felt like an empty excuse to power Goku up more with little effort. Vegeta fans may have been satisfied that Vegeta had gotten much more powerful after the Cell saga and avoided pulling a “Gohan” ( becoming weaker), as well as being present during the final fight, but there was a still a lot to be desired, and this was a sentiment shared by a lot of Vegeta fans especially.  Vegeta wasn’t really seen to be on par with Goku in this saga, and when I say this, I don’t necessarily mean they have to be complete equals in terms of power, but they were expected to be on the same level. Vegeta basically tripped over himself in that final fight against Kid Buu. Vegeta also underwent a regression in character, when he killed those “mountains of people” as Majin Vegeta, which led to further frustration as Vegeta allowed himself to be controlled. He went from being a bad ass to being an ass. Even if this was to get more powerful to surpass Goku, Vegeta was never the type to be willingly manipulated. (He was planning to betray Frieza,  so that don’t count).  

GT basically managed to take all the mistakes from take Buu saga, and turn it super saiyain, super saiyain 4 to be precise, (make it drastically worse basically.) We basically watched Kid Goku almost die in every single fight, then go SSJ4 and win, with Pan and Trunks scrambling in the background. Vegeta basically appeared at the final fight against Omega Sin Shenron , with a sudden power boost to SSJ4,  humoured us with an overly powered and even more overly stupid fusion for comic relief and ultimately tripped over himself again. All the other characters basically did “squat” during GT except get taken over by Baby and have their asses handed to them. The only thing more painful than this, was Vegeta growing a beard, (I mean seriously, c’mon😦😦😦)

With the current tournament of power, it feels like a lot of side lined characters are getting their long awaited and deserved time to shine such as Krillin and Piccolo, none more awaited or comparable to Gohan in particular. Gohan was originally designed to be the most powerful character in DBZ originally, but Akira Toriyama changed his mind halfway through the series, focusing on Goku instead as he felt Gohan’s personality didn’t suit that of a fighter. Other characters like Tien and Master Roshi had their chance to shine, (Muten Roshi sama especially in episode 105) and gave us a wonderful feel of nostalgia. Also, the return of Android 17 as well as him being given his own personality and background was more than surprising , but also really appreciated. He’s also received quite a bit of screen time in the current tournament of power,  more so than even Vegeta, Frieza and Gohan. While everyone’s character development may be slightly rushed a little, it’s wonderful to see some of our favourite characters as martial artists with their own agendas instead of side lined cheerleaders that only feature when Goku needs energy to fire of a spirit bomb that will obviously ultimately miss🙈🙈🙈.

It’s kinda like One Piece in this sense, where every straw hat has their own back story,  character and part to play. Even Yamcha features in episode 70 of DBS😂😂😂.

The next strong point is the plot of DBS as well as conformity🙊🙊🙊. Whilst the fact that every arc in DBZ involves the end of the world, this hasn’t changed in DBS, in fact it involves the destruction of entire universes. I feel like it’s carried out in a more tactful manner, one that’s acceptable to the viewers. With regards to conformity, I feel like SSJ Blue has kinda become the “standard” for an increase in the sayains power. When SSJ was first introduced, we were all impressed, SSJ 2 which was more of a one hit wonder was also was impressive and so was SSJ3. I’ll even go as far as saying SSJ4’s design was kinda cool, but as the number of SSJ transformations increased, it felt like an increase in quantity with a major decrease in quality. With the introduction of SSJ Blue, a sort of conformity has been achieved. The SSJ God transformation in Battle of God’s was only used twice and only by Goku. It was also confirmed that SSJ God Blue was more powerful than the other SSJ God transformation seen in Battle Of God’s.  Vegeta fans are also pleased to see Vegeta using SSJ Blue😅 

The final strong point I shall mention is the diversity of abilities and powers introduced in DBS. While Dragon Ball largely and a little GT had use of unique abilities and techniques, which DBZ severely lacked, focusing only on power emission, absorption, regeneration and basic healing. Quality anime that fall under the fantasy fighting genre are known by as well as largely defined by their diverse set of unique abilities. The Naruto series💙💙💙, Bleach, Fairytail and One piece are good examples of this. With the introduction of genjutsu and sealing techniques, invulnerability, time jumps etc, as well as the reintroduction of moves such as solar flare,  the original kamehameha by Master Roshi and even the combinatination of Kaioken with SSJ Blue😱😱😱. It would be funny for Goku to finish of the tournament of power with a spirit bomb… and miss😂 😂 😂 

I think the only problem I have with DBS is the rate at which the Saiyains from universe 6 have grown😢😢😢. It’s really ridiculous, to the point where fans are calling it an insult to the original SSJ transformation. Caulifla in particular has become a sex symbol in particular followed by the the female angels, (Whis’s angels), frequently displayed inappropriately in some comment sections. It’s even worse than Gardevoir/Gardevenia  ( mind the  spelling errors🙈) from Pokemon. Another problem that DBS fans excluding myself have, is Kale being the new “Broly”. A lot of fans won’t accept her as “Broly”, even though the Broly movie was probably a “what if scenario”, as none of Universe 7’s warriors seem to register the similarities in appearances and characteristic traits shared😃

Well that’s all for this blog, I feel like there’s a ton I left out, but I also feel like Twitter would ban be for a post this long😅😅😅 Hope you enjoyed, leave a like, comment and a follow.😊😁😀


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