Kakashi ‘s Face

I really am disappointed about Kakashi ‘s face being drawn the way it was. I’ve always enjoyed the sense of mystery that surrounded the mask and I actually never wanted him to take it off. I honestly don’t think that the drawing of his face and expression was accurate. I also feel that the use of the mole on his face was a humongous let down, not because I find moles unappealing, but rather it did not suit Kakashi. I really do hope that the face is changed  or is revealed to be just a joke on fans, because I have not seen another disappointment like this besides “The How I Met Your Mother” season 9 finale. So there you have it, unless the face is changed or Kakashi goes back to never revealing his face, I’m  going to pretend like he never took out his mask to get over the trauma, and I’m sure that there are plenty of fans who agree.

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